Sexual Objectification In My Life Essay

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The unrealistic representation of women in media has had a huge effect on how I see myself. All those super skinny models splashed on the cover of magazines told me at 12 what a beautiful young women was supposed to look like. The message wasn't lost on my friends and peers either. I was called “fat” and “piggy” by girls my age so many times growing up, and I never weighed more than 130 lbs at 5'5''. Compared to those photo-shopped models, a healthy and athletic body looks obese. I hated my body and how I looked. I experimented with anorexia for a short while. Luckily, I soon realized how disgusting the whole thing was and I stopped making myself throw-up meals. But the self-hating and avoiding food didn't stop for years. Many of my friends say a variation of, “You know how I stay skinny? I just don't eat much. I'm just so tiny, I never get that hungry.” In other words; I'm small because I don't eat much, and I don't eat much because I'm small. That's quite a circular trap they set up for themselves. It's true if you limit how much you eat, you get used to eating less and you don't get as hungry. However, the I don't eat much, I'm small is something they tell themselves over and over because they want it to be true; the want to not eat much and therefore be small. Also, “I never eat that much” is an easy excuse to explain skipping meals. I used to say that a lot too. And those girls who called me “fat” when I was little? They were severely effected by sexual objectification too, far worse than I was. One of them was hospitalized and almost died of bulimia.
The idea that a woman’s self worth is measured by how sexy she is has effected my friends and me in other damaging ways besides eating disorders. In the Sociological Images article “Sexual Objectification (Part 2): The Harm” Caroline Heldman writes,...

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