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Sexual Satisfaction And Sexual Health Among University Students

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When critiquing the article, Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Health Among University Students in the United States, there are many aspects to address. Beginning with the authors’ written purpose and their choice of preexisting literature and its relevance to the study. This analysis will also examine the sample population, the accuracy of its representation and biases. Followed by a discussion of the research design and threats to validity and ethics. Analyzing the methods and instrument of collecting data will examination of how the variables are incorporated in the study. The final analysis will be related to how these aspects are interpreted and discussed in the papers results and conclusion sections.
Statement of purpose
The article starts with background information leading up to the purpose statement midway through the second page. The four purposes of the article are clearly stated: the first two parts correlate studies of sexual satisfaction between males and females, then compares adults to young adults. The third purpose plans to focus on past experiences and expectations assessing the difference between sexes on satisfaction. The final purpose is to see if contraception use leads to greater sexual satisfaction. The variables identified are the populations of young female and male university students. The study’s aim is to compare this new information with previously studied data from adults to find correlations in the realm of sexual satisfaction.
According to Coughlan, Cronin, & Ryan “Step-by-step guide to critiquing research. Part1: quantitative research” (2007), a research topic can start broadly and then become more focused, as this article does. Though the initial purpose statement includes four large-scale problems, Higgins, Mullinax, Trussell, Davidson Sr., and Moore's research dictates their final focus of sexual satisfaction and its’ relation to public health.
Review of literature
Paragraphs under the heading “What we know about sexual satisfaction” summarize preexisting data. In this section, there is a comparison of many relatively current studies that provide insight into sexual satisfaction dating from 1990 through 2009. A preceding study is mentioned primarily to show the inability to use information solely about adults because of the many differences between stages of development, further demonstrating the limits of previously collected data on young adults. Additionally this stresses the need for more data to form correlations about young adult experiences related to sexual dysfunction or satisfaction.
The authors were selective when reviewing prior studies as seen in the many primary sources of research they have referenced. This discrimination is demonstrated by the dismissal of a relevant article about the sexual satisfaction of adolescents attending a medical clinic. Though this information is applicable, the study made short mentioned of it due to the limited population size of only 313 fourteen to twenty-four...

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