Sexual Selection In Everything We Do

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The word “evolution” is commonly used to explain the comparisons between the past and the present. Explaining what evolution means is difficult because of the many definitions that exist. The feat of evolution often refers to the heritable changes that occur because of genetic changes. Alterations in gene structure often result in physical changes in organisms. These alterations can change the mechanisms and dynamics of various populations as a result. However, physical changes do not appear overnight. These changes take place over the course of many centuries and generations. Scientists have pieced information together to suggest that physical changes have occurred to increase population fitness. They also go on to add that these genetic alterations are passed from one generation to the next. Sexual selection branches out from evolution. For organisms that reproduce sexually, sexual selection acts on its ability to find a mate and breed with them. There are many perspectives that help illustrate why sexual selection is still a topic of interest. Scientists like Dr. Rupert Marshall use birds as study organisms to explore the evolutionary foundation behind sexual selection. Birds are not the only popular examples used to explain reoccurring sexual mechanisms. Sexual selection will continue to be puzzle that needs to be solved.
Sexual selection can be very important. Charles Darwin was one of the first scientists to observe its importance in nature. He based his findings on observations on the birds of paradise. Although sexual mechanisms of species differ, Darwin distinguished two main categories. The birds can either appear more attractive for a potential mate or fight off their same sex competitors. Some birds have genetic traits that relate directly to sexual selection. Song complexity and body color are a few examples. Female birds will pick males who have large song ranges. Females view males these highly and connect their style of song to their gene quality. Songs with distinct sounds and lengthy trills have a positive relationship with sexual selection. Bright colors and patterns of the male’s feathers can also make them noticeable. The peacock is known for its visual cues, spreading out its long train with multiple eyespots for the peafowl. Because feathers are hard to maintain, males with properly preened feathers show good fitness and health. Females believe their offspring will have good genes if they mate with a vibrant male.
Females of most species are usually the ones to choose a mate and bear offspring. Seahorses are often in their own realm of explanations. With seahorses, these phenomena are the exact opposite. Male seahorses are very choosy in terms of female size. They prefer larger females, which is similar to the peafowl’s belief of obtaining better genes for the offspring. Female seahorses are also comparable to male peacocks because they adopt secondary sex traits. Scientists observe that females take on bright...

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