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Sexuality And Surprises In 8 Femmes, A Film By François Ozon

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In the French film 8 Femmes, François Ozon, the director, guides a play from the 1950’s that focuses on a lively family that have deep secrets that all intertwine. In this musical mystery, comedy film, a murder has happened and each woman has their own motives for wanting to kill the man in the home. Yet, Ozon’s storyline is not the main focus of the film. The film follows each of the women which show the themes of betrayal, secrets, and most importantly sexuality. Sexuality is a main theme in many of François Ozon films that he directs. Sexuality in the cinema can be seen in many of his films because it affects Ozon personally.
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Then Marcels body is found by a maid reveling that has been stabbed, but since their guard dogs were not alarmed, they soon realize that someone in the house must have done it otherwise the dogs would have been alarmed. When they attempt to call the police they realize that the phone line has been disconnected. After realizing this they see that Marcels sister Pierrette has outside in the garden. This makes her one of the eight potential killers in the house. Yet, the focus of 8 Femmes is the themes that lie in the film. These themes of the film are betrayal, secrets and most prominently sexuality.
One of the main themes is secrets, in which the audience finds out that each of the main eight characters have at least one secret that is hidden from the others. The first main secret that the audience learns is that it is discovered Suzon secretly came home earlier than planned to tell her father Marcel that she is pregnant with his child (8 Femmes, Ozon). The audience learns that she has been abused by her father for years. This secret that comes about makes it seem as if Suzon killed her father for what he has done to her. However, there is an even bigger betrayal that goes along with this storyline of Suzon and Marcel.
It is learned in the film, that Suzon and Catherine’s mother Gaby, lied to Marcel by telling him that...

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