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Sexuality Of Humanity In Art Essay

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Ever since ancient times, humanity has created pieces of art that involve the sexuality of both men and women. The interest of sexuality in art started from the cave paintings of the first Homo sapiens in Europe 40,000 years ago, which illustrated the unique sexual desires at the time, and has evolved to modern day art, which shows a deeper meaning behind sexuality. It is very intriguing how sexual interest and discussion in art has evolved over time.
Upon first examination of early sexual art, people might misunderstand depictions of nudity, homosexuality, or sexual violence in art, thinking that artists were stranger or cruel back then. In reality, artists created their pieces of art in ...view middle of the document...

These pieces of art also did not seem to hold any significant meaning besides showing how their everyday sexual life was.
As time went on, a large majority of sexual art became abolished during the Middle Ages due to the rise of Christianity. It was because the laws of Christianity saw it was immoral to depict images of desire that all pieces of art that had nudity were banned. During this time, a majority of art was created in favor of the Church, so every piece of art created had to go through the Church’s censors, and for the ones that did have nudity in them, it was to depict the evils of hell. This period of no sexuality and nudity in art would continue for the next 1000 years, until the 15th century Renaissance, which showed an appreciation for the naked human body.
After the Renaissance, erotic art continued in the form of different styles. First there was Mannerism, which depicted the human body in extravagant and contorted ways, and tried to copy the same style of the artists that were popular during the Renaissance. This made the pieces seem less graceful and balanced than the work of earlier artists, which people looked down upon.
Next was Baroque, which rose during the 17th century. It was at this time, when the Catholic Church became more relaxed when it came to nudity and eroticism in art, but at the same time did not want to corrupt the viewer, which they felt Mannerism was doing. In order to achieve this goal and counteract the style of Mannerism, the Church had religious pieces of art that were made to look realistic, dramatic, engaging, and had meaning behind them. This meant that there would be another decline in erotic art during this time period, but fortunately the existence of other styles kept eroticism in the art world alive.
In the following century, it was time for Rococo’s eroticism to take the stage. Unlike the Baroque’s art style, which was the show meaning behind each of their paintings, the Rococo style’s goal was to be purely extravagant and decorative. In this style of erotic art, nudity and sexuality was depicted as playful with themes of love and peace. This was achieved with the usage of colors and imagery. An example of this style achieving...

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