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Sexually Transmitted Disease (Crabs) Essay

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Craps is an infection cause by parasites which lives in the pubic region of the body. Many people are not sure what they are when they first see them. But is more commonly referred to pubic lice, or the term crabs is because under a microscope the tiny lice have a tiny crab like shape. And usually it have six legs. The origins of pubic lice aren't completely know. But there are a few places and theories where grab could come from.
Crabs are frequently the color and size of small freckles. Found under arms, eyelashes, moustaches Spread though direct physical contact. Close body contact with an infected person. It could go to one person with touching as well. While sexual contact is the most ...view middle of the document...

Infestations with lice are not a serious problem (as long as the lice are not infected with a disease), but they can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including skin irritations and intense itching.
When the symptoms do show or appear, they will included mild fever, felling run down and lice small egg sacs (Dr. Cullins). Public lice will crawl from the hair of one person to the hair of another during sex. (John P).
Just of one effect irritated skin can harm pubic hair on a person. If you see that some part of your body had blue spotting lice may be a sign. Finding Black particles is and infecting of louse lice. Crabs can be very serious. If you've gotten them you have to do is remove your pants so they don't get to the rest of your clothes, then immediately call your local doctor. In this case simply going to a doctor would have been the better choice.
Pubic like aka crabs can be transmitted by close skin to skin contact. They attach to pubic hair and lay eggs. The easiest way to get rid of pubic lice is to shave your growing and soak your genitals area. (Anaya). The pubic lice must feed on your blood. It would take up to two to three weeks to get bigger.
Treatment would help the crabs go away after being diagnose. It would be best not to share your clothing items. While doing the research I found out that someone was working in a shelter. Some of the residents said that they were being infected with crabs without having any contact with the person. Most of everybody assumed the crabs was coming from sharing a bathroom. It could have been other cases as well.
There was no sexual intercourse and everybody made sure they were careful about touching anyone. The person that have gotten infected was...

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