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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Within Colleges Essay

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Sexual transmitted diseases can be troublesome for everybody in life. A sexual transmitted disease (STD) or sexual transmitted infection (STI) is a disease or infection that is transmitted through any kind of sexual behavior. Some can be spread through the transfer of blood (Boudewyns, & Paquin, 3). It is especially problematic for students in college. Social and health problems tend to occur when young adults, in their undergraduate years in college, have unprotected sexual intercourse (Murray and Miller 1). College students are what will be making up society in the future; this is why STDs are such a serious threat. STDs do not discriminate. It can affect anybody. They need to be educated about STDs so they can be prevented. Unfortunately, it seems more college students are more concerned about the prevention of pregnancy, than of STDs (Murray and Miller 3). This is clearly a problem between the correlation of STDs and college students.
The history of STDs is divided into three distinct sections through different periods of time. The first is the era of antiquity when if STDs did exist, no one was sure of what they were. The second was a period of about five-hundred years when such diseases could be identified, but almost nothing could be done to treat them. In the third, in the 20th century, medical professionals began to devise effective treatments for treating STDs and identifying/preventing different ways it spread (Plumb 1). Until about the 18th century, people had no idea there was more than one STD, and thought all were the same disease. The term for an STD was known as venereal disease (VD). The word “venereal” is from Venus, the Roman goddess of love (Talukdar 2). In ancient Egypt, dating back to about 1600 B.C, there are writings of a disease which mentions inflammation of the urethra. This might be referring to the STD gonorrhea (Talukdar 2). There have been records in ancient history that have described several STDs. In China, 2637 BC, medical writings refer to diseases of the genitalia. They describe genital chancres, and cutaneous symptoms, which could have been syphilis (Talukdar 2). Syphilis probably was the most common STD in ancient times. Although, some scholars disagree as to whether it existed in ancient Greece and Rome (Plumb 2). “It is generally agreed by many, that syphilis was brought back from the New World by Columbus’ sailors” (Plumb, 3).
According to the ASHA, one in two sexually active young adults will contract a STD by the age of 25. A study from the CDC shows that about 25% of college students across the U.S have been infected with or given a STD to their partners (Dooley 1). Another study from the CDC shows that people between the ages of 15 to 24 have a much higher rate of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis compared to any other age group (Boudewyns and Paquin 701). Of course, there are dozens of other STDs, but the main focus here is to concentrate only on the most prevalent, which causes problems on...

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