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Sexually Transmitted Infections (Sti): Syphilis Essay

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Syphilis is one of the earliest describes Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). It is a STI that is caused by a bacterial infection called Treponema Pallidum. This bacterium needs a warm and moist environment such as the mouth or genitals to grow and reproduce. It is a serious disease that can lead to systemic diseases or even death if it is left untreated.
How common is it Rates are highest among 20-24 year old women, and also common in men who have sex with other men. According to the CDC, annually 55,400 people in the United States get new syphilis infections. 13,970 of those cases were of primary and secondary syphilis, the earliest and most infectious stages of the disease. “In 2011, 72% of primary and secondary syphilis occurred among men who have sex with men. There were also 360 reports of children with congenital syphilis in 2011.”
Syphilis is easy to prevent. The best way to prevent it is to be abstinent, or be in a long term committed relationship with someone who has been tested negative. Using a condom correctly and consistently, your risk can be greatly reduced, but it will not be fully taken away. Another way is to wash your genitals after having sex and avoiding any use of drugs or alcohol to prevent risky behaviors you may endure in.
Who should be tested Anyone who is currently diagnosed with a STI or HIV should be screened. If you are a male having sex with other males, have partners who have tested positive for syphilis you will need to be screened. If you are pregnant you should be screened at your first prenatal visit, and late in your third trimester, and prior to delivery, to prevent congenital syphilis.
Transmission- This STI is transmitted through microscopic abrasions in subcutaneous tissue. Transmission can occur through intercourse, oral- genital sex, kissing, and even biting,. You will start to see the appearance of the symptoms at around 21 days, but it can range from 10 to 90 days from when you first get the infection. Because of this you should be screened again for this STI 1- 2 months after occurrence, in case it wasn’t strong enough to show up in the test at the first screening.
Syphylln /is occurs in stages. The first stage, or Primary syphilis, the infected person will get a usually painless non-tender chancre at the initial site of infection. It will disappears within 5 days to 6 weeks, depending what resource you look.3-6 wks(5-90 days). In the second stage or Secondary Syphilis, you will see a widespread and symmetrical rash, the feet and hands with have red, rough, and reddish- brown spots, and they may experience a fever, sore throat, fatigue,and swollen lymph nodes. This stage happens 6 weeks to 6 months after seeing the chancre.In the third stage, or latent stage begins when the primary and secondary symptoms start to disappear. They may have no symptoms during this stage. You can stay in this stage for numerous years, but at 10-30...

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