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I found the purpose of my life in working towards financial and social inclusion through broadening access to energy services, namely giving independent and consistent access to energy for underserved and marginalized segments. It is hard for many to comprehend that basic access to clean energy can have positive impacts that are multifold, uplifting numerous poor families towards a higher quality of life. These impacts are numerous and often immediate: a micro entrepreneur can extend his or her working day to earn that extra bit to make ends meet; a mother and her newborn no longer live while breathing the smoke of kerosene lamps; a student is motivated to study with sufficient light, and so on.

Nearly 40% of the Indian households are off grid, and even those who are connected are not assured of reliable supply. I believe a decentralized energy approach is a very important catalyst in overcoming this social problem. My dream is to create an enterprise in India that delivers affordable energy solutions primarily through off-grid renewable energy technologies such as solar, mini-wind, and hybrid solutions. I envision a network of ‘energy shops’ - set up in the rural areas - providing doorstep services that are customized and sensitive to the needs of the rural poor. I also envision offering energy as a carry-home commodity through credit or through progressive purchase mechanisms for the poor. Ultimately, I envisage incubating entrepreneurs at two levels. First, a micro-energy entrepreneur who could set up a shop locally that not only addresses the energy problem in the locality but helps his/her livelihood. Second, nurturing entrepreneurs from developing economies, helping them replicate these decentralized energy designs.

Developing last-mile solutions is as much about understanding the scope of technology as about the specific needs of the rural poor, and to me the...

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