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Shades Of The White Flag Essay

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Knowledge liberates - this is a categorical statement that echoes the strong correlation existing between knowledge and freedom. It is a notion I would seek to reinforce with some classic archetypes that confirm its veracity. Having great knowledge in diverse fields confers one with a plethora of choices that do not pre-exist in the world of ignorance. Without knowledge, society is lame, society is in the darkness, and society is in bondage.
However, bondage and freedom are variable, and take on different facets depending on context. Freedom in this context is defined as the ability to do what one choses. True freedom is void of manipulation. The lack of knowledge means one doesn’t know when one is being controlled. Consequently, this results in bondage and most a times a false sense of freedom. Knowledge helps one understand ones choices and make informed decisions. However, some individuals might argue that this concept seems far-fetched. It is thus noteworthy to consider amplified examples, which would reinforce the strong relationship identified. Thus proving that these romantic idealists who fail to see the correlation are only being dogmatic in their narrow viewpoint.
In frederich Nietzsche’s, “Beyond Good and Evil”, he praises a list of philosophers-free-spirits; knowledge seekers who revolutionized human thinking through their constant questioning of ideas that have led to domestication. He talks about their pursuit to attain the “will to power”. He praises the courage they have, to question issues on religion, death and existence which most people will runaway from. These individuals are in the state of the perpetual, constantly on the move and searching. This power gives them the ability to have conversations and voice opinions on diverse intellectual but sensitive matters, bringing them closer to real freedom. Knowledge bestowed on them the freedom to express their views without hesitation. Nietzsche showers praises on these souls who are seeking the perpetual. These individuals according to him will discover more roads as they move on; roads others are closed to and thus, they would have more choices.
A Rich Man’s Secret, authored by Ken Roberts, also presents us with another story of liberation through...

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