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The novel that caught my interest is Shadow and Bone by author Leigh Bardugo. To start off, I must admit that I am not a reader who is always interested in one book for a long period of time because I have the tendency to lose interest and become bored. On the other hand, Bardugo has written a very intriguing novel that made me want to read more and more. Throughout the entire novel, I never was bored of the plot. Shadow and Bone the first book of its trilogy. The main character is Alina Starkov, and she is an orphan. Her best friend’s name is Mal, and he grew up to a handsome and an incredible hunter. After growing a bit older, Alina and Mal become soldiers who are on assignment to cross over the Shadow Fold. The Shadow Fold is a dangerous place of complete darkness, and is inhabited by volcras; dangerous creatures who feast on human flesh. The two setted off into the Shadow Fold, and ...view middle of the document...

He immediately brings her to the Little Palace, in which she has to settle into a new world of luxury and learn how to control her power. Will Alina become strong? Does she destroy the Shadow Fold? Will she uncover other ambitions? Will she ever see her best friend again? What happens next? Read Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo to find out for yourself, but be prepared to go on a trilling adventure.

My thoughts: (WARNING: Content below contains a few spoilers!)

As stated above, I enjoyed this novel a lot and felt that it fitted my taste. The novel was written in first person point of view, which allowed to feel as if I was the main heroine. The characters were well developed and there was a lot of detail. I think that the theme for this novel was “Good triumphs over evil” because Alina (good) was able to temporally defeat the ambitions of the Darkling (evil). My favorite parts of the novel was when Alina realizes the true ambitions of the Darkling, and finds out he was using her all along. He was only trying to get to her to become his slave, so that he can rule over the Ravka (their kingdom), as well as the surrounding kingdoms. This is one of the best parts of the novel because she then tries to escape. She is helped by Mal, who has came to protect her, and they travel a great distance to try to find a way to weaken the Darkling. Another one of my most favorite parts is when the Darkling throws Mal into the Shadow Fold for the volcras to eat him alive. Here, Alina resists the controlling power of the Darkling, and uses her ability to summon light to save Mal. They end up crossing the Shadow Fold together. I recommend this book to young adults because it is an adventure with plenty of romance. I believe that this novel was written for adolescents because it has a couple of very gruesome fighting moments (for example: One of the attackers was split directly in half and blood was everywhere), and there were some sexual scenes. In summation, I recommend Shadow and Bone to any adolescent out there looking for an magic-filled, adventurous, and romantic novel.

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