Shadowing Manager At Washington Adventist University Intensive Care Unit

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My two hours clinical of shadowing a manager was at the Washington Adventist University at Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU). The manager who I was shadowing was the unit manager assistance on IMCU units. Mrs. A is task oriented and well informed nevertheless numerous responsibilities facing her every single day. She was an amazing and good mannered woman along with so wide educational background. She manages three different units, which has more than thirty nurses. She completed her education at Washington Adventist University, which makes us share commonplace. The purpose of this paper is to shadow a manager to acquire and distinguish the roles and responsibilities of a nurse manager.
As the manager clarifies, using critical thinking skills as well as conquering advanced ideas is significant to make decisions in the units to the finest of the client’s interest. She goes with strategies and problem-solves every time is a problem. In the days I shadowed, I did have witnesses with a few. For instance, there was a nursing assistance that was upset and frustrating that she is doing the patient care all by herself. As we know, in IMCU unit there is only two patient technicians per shift. Approximately, the patient technicians can have seven or eight patient depending on the admission. The patient technician then went to the nurse manager office and had a talk with her alone with door locked. And then the patient tech looked relieved when she left the office.
The nurse manager makes choices promptly however, carefully to satisfy the staff members. Nurse managers should be responsible to become confident on that the patients receive obtain outstanding care and protect their rights and also the nurses, who are the employees in the units. The idea of protecting the nurses’ right is to empower staffs to remain to do well on protecting their patient’s rights.
Planning is an important component in the nurse manager’s day-to-day life for the reason that he or she has to come up with great ideas and plans to direct the facility inorder for patients to receive effective care. However, nurse managers can be ready to implement great plans, they usually face argument among the staffs and the organization’s accountabilities like managing the cost. Toren & Wagner (2010) explain, “Nurse managers often find themselves facing dual loyalties in conflicting situations due to tensions between their organizational tasks and responsibilities and nursing’s professional values” (pp 393). Nurse managers face enormous problem when planning and making decisions, which is dual: one is for the organization and the other is the patients and their significant others and also the nurses. For instant, the nurse manager and the employee turn off lights in the bathroom when it’s not in use to save money from the power.
Another target for the nurse manager to perform is to maintain quality improvement in his or her unit in each feature. According to Hurst, Moore & Clark (2011), “Nurse...

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