Shakespeare As A Real Man In Shakespeare In Love

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Shakespeare as a Real Man in Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare has been presented in myriad versions, from the
traditional to the almost unrecognizable. Directors and actors have
adapted him as long as his plays have been performed. Some feel that
without Shakespeare´s original poetry, audiences are robbed of the
opportunity to experience the cleverness, poetry, and majesty of the
language - Shakespeare´s genius. Others feel that modern adaptations
don´t challenge viewers and offer weaker plots and less complex
characters. Shakespeare in Love combines in a way both. The film
applauds the brilliance of Shakespearean writing through the lines
directly taken from Shakespeare, while at the same time exploring a
fictional depiction of his true love and life. When you deconstruct
the script, Shakespeare in Love is built in perfect Shakespearian
form. Virtually a Shakespearean plot in itself, it mixes a great story
with bits and pieces of history (whether fact or not); lies and
deception; mistaken identities; a couple of swordfights; and of course
a passion that can only end badly.

For hundreds of years we have been hunted by the question: "Who was
the real Shakespeare?" Literally thousands of pages have been
dedicated to uncovering the facts about Shakespeare´s identity, but
even after years of debate, no one truly knows the answer to the
question. The mystery of the authorship of Shakespeare´s thirty-seven
plays, 154 sonnets and two long poems remains unsolved, and people
have been arguing for centuries about his identity (The Shakespeare

The purists take up one side of the debate: they are convinced the
orthodox view of Shakespeare´s life is correct. They believe William
Shakespeare was the son of an illiterate glove-maker from Stratford
Upon Avon, who in his lifetime managed to become both an actor and a
playwright. The Anti-Stratfordians take up the other side of the
debate: they insist that a man of such humble circumstances could
never have written the works within the Shakespearean canon. In fact,
they posit that Shakespeare, the actor, agreed to publish the work
under his own name for a fee, and did so to protect the identity of
the true author. The Anti-Stratfordians believe that Shakespeare was
simply a "paid" player (The Shakespeare Question).

The film effectively undermines this Anti-Stratfordian argument by
explaining how Shakespeare could have afforded to become a "sharer" in
Richard Burbage´s The Lord Chamberlain´s Men. Throughout Shakespeare
in Love, Will tries to raise the capital needed to buy his way into
the company. In fact, when Lord Wessex makes a bet with Queen
Elizabeth I about whether or not a play can show the real truth and
beauty of love, the prize wagered is fifty pounds -- the exact amount
Will needs to achieve his goal. Of course, by...

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