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Over the years I ‘ve read enormous amount of novels, plays and other forms of written literature has given me a diverse taste and particular favoritisms over certain genres and authors. I’ve read literature that should have been the definition of mediocre while alternatively I’ve also read literature that was akin to great works of art to the point where it should have its own exhibit in the louvre museum! I am incredibly captious when it comes whom I concern to be exceptional authors. I consider Stephanie Meyer of the twilight saga to be a hack as her characters are stereotypical to a breaking point and riddle with clichés where it should be a felony crime. Charles Dickens is the polar opposite of Meyers as with his Tales of two cities he has woven a story that is captivating to its core with the characters being complex souls. Seemly out of all the hacks and skillful authors stands one gentleman who stands out as a visionary whom mind was pulsing of creative genius whose work transcends the annals of time, that man is the one and only trailblazing William Shakespeare!

To truly understand how magnificent the works of Shakespeare truly is we must travel to a bygone era of the Elizabethan times. Let it be duly noted of the irony of how regardless of the popularity of Shakespeare and how his most faithful fans can recite his famous works by heart, we barley know the man. All historians and Shakespearians have to go on about the man is basically legal, church records and obviously many world renown works. There are notable gaps in the timeline of Shakespeare life which leads to abundance in speculations on his life.

Shakespeare did not even have his own dairy or journal which means we all must just speculate on the personality and habits of the man himself. Not even the school he attended to had kept any records of any kind academically or otherwise on the man. So between the legal and church documentations mixed with Shakespeare various phenomenal works paints us an individual who is well known for his works but nothing is really known of the man himself aside from a few essentials.

Let’s look at what the legal and church documents revel of Shakespeare little known life. Historians can’t with absolute certainty say which day he was born on but the majority says he was born on April 23, 1564. For what it’s worth he was baptized on April 26, 1564 at the Holy Trinity Church. John and Mary (Arden) are the lucky parents to give birth to a future brilliant playwright! Shakespeare was the third of eight children which sadly three died during their respective childhood.
We would all be stupid to assume Shakespeare did not attend grammar school and the most likely place he attended was in Stratford. Just by reading any of Shakespeare’s works we can observed that he had natural talent that was formed out of some good ol fashion form of education that was as solid as a brick wall.
At 18 Shakespeare was no slacker in getting married as he...

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