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Shakespeare Inspiration Of American Culture Essay

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Shakespeare has had a big effect on the generation and past generation entertainment. Also he had a big effect on education with his creative and thoughtful writing. William Shakespeare was an author who wrote many well-known plays. High Schools and middle schools across the nation study his and exam his work. Shakespeare was a writer in the 1600’s and his popularity continued to grow and have a positive influence on American culture.
To begin with there is no doubt that Shakespeare has been very influential to American culture. “Shakespeare was a master of an artistry of the English language, he wrote with such fluidity of thoughts, words and rhythm.” is explaining how William Shakespeare ...view middle of the document...

“..Performer before the Court Queen Elizabeth before all of these other famous performers started to preform” Shakespeare was a performer, he performed in merry wives of Windsor in front of Court Elizabeth I. Shakespeare also appeared “The merchant of Venice” who was commended by King James I. Shakespeare was loved by many famous important people and also by less famous people. He was known where he lived, and still remains to be loved by the world.
Williams’s work has appeared in movies and song over the last hundreds of years. According to Erin Whitney’s site on movies you didn’t know were based on Shakespeare. “Shakespeare’s work has been adapted into a variety of music and songs since early days of cinema.” Shakespeare had such influential writing that many other authors and writers. They have used famous poems, and plays to create a new story or a new song. Since William Shakespeare’s early days as an early play writer his ideas have been in movies by other authors. Quoted from Erin Whitney’s web article “Shakespeare has inspired nearly every genre with stories...

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