Shakespeare’s Influence On "The Count Of Monte Cristo"

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Alexandre Dumas had many influences. One of Dumas’ most notable books, The Count of Monte Cristo , for instance had many influences. One of Dumas greatest influences in his writing is Shakespeare. Dumas had been a fan of Shakespearean writing, and it shows in his style and ideas. Being influential, Dumas used some of Shakespeare’s ideas in his own stories.
The most obvious influential idea Dumas used, was the use of a sleeping potion. The idea of two lovers being reunited through the use of a sleeping potion closely resembled the theme used in Romeo and Juliet . In both novels, the potion is used to reunite lovers, but in Romeo and Juliet , both lovers take their own life when they think the other is dead. Unlike Romeo and Juliet , in The Count of Monte Cristo , the lovers are reunited by means of the potion, and both live to be thankful for their guardian, the Count. Both novels use the same idea, but in totally different and exceptional ways. One book takes the very idea that made the other a tragedy, and uses it to make another book end on an ever happy note.
“Lovers are star-crossed in Romeo and Juliet, but human malice crosses the happiness of Edmond Dantes and his Mercedes, just as human spite crosses the newly wedded bliss of Imogen and her Posthumus in Cymbeline.” This quote directly represents yet another example of Shakespearean influence over The Count of Monte Cristo . All three stories have the key element of lovers somehow having troubles beyond what is in their power to control . In Romeo and Juliet , the lovers were star-crossed, meaning that the stars opposed them and their fate was not together. The two lovers were so deeply in love, that it toke death, for the realization that they were not meant to be together. Somewhat like Romeo and Juliet , it took a profound event to show the two lovers in The Count of Monte Cristo , that...

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