Shakespeare's Sonnet Cxliv Shakespeare Writes About The Struggle Between Two Opposing Forces, Good And Evil.

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In sonnet CXLIV by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare writes a sarcastic themeabout the struggle between good and evil and how he hopes good will prevail, but inreality he knows evil will. To "two angels" on his shoulder, as the poem at first glanceconveys, could possibly be metaphors for his real-life loves; The man, and the DarkLady. Through the poem Shakespeare explains how his "worser evil" tries to sway his"better angel" from his side, and he knows the male "angel" is good for him. He alsodetails how he knows the female spirit is bad for him. He finally says how he knows inthe end the lady evil will prevail over the male good.Shakespeare has a lot of confusion in this sonnet. When starting this sonnet he hasa sure tone of his love for good and evil. However it could be assumed that these goodand bad symbolize his male and female lovers. "The better angel is a man right fair." Heloves to be good, as the angel wants him to. "Two spirits do suggest me still." With thishe shows his dilemma with the choice between good and evil. Shakespeare knows thesituation does not look good, so he starts off by explaining it. Perhaps he does this to easehis transition to evil. He has hypocrisy to what he says because he knows he should bedoing good, but doesn't want to because being bad feels so good too.Shakespeare also goes on to explain the trials oh his bad spirit. "The worser spirita woman colour'd ill." When saying colour'd ill one could guess the bad angel is anallusion to his lover the dark lady. He in a way admits that he is taking advantage of thesituation; he doesn't have to choose because the two spirits are fighting for him. "To winme soon to hell my female...

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