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October 25th, 2017
Shakespeare's Writing Techniques Contribute to the Dark Atmosphere
The atmosphere refers to the mood a writer conveys to a reader through the description of setting and objects. The play Macbeth written by Shakespeare represents a very tense, dark, and cruel atmosphere. Shakespeare's writing portrays imagery throughout the play contributing to the cruel and evil actions by the characters. Pathetic fallacy mirrors the dark deeds, creating an ominous atmosphere. Symbolism represents the cruel actions created by the characters, leading the audience to feel the creepy, and dark mood. The audience gains an ominous, dark, feeling, from Shakespeare's writing techniques, through the characters dark actions throughout the play.
Shakespeare's writing techniques portray imagery through the play contributing to the evil and dark actions done by the characters. The audience senses the image of blood and only focuses on bloodshed. Macbeths actions have stained him and cannot be washed clean. Macbeth immediately hallucinates after killing Duncan, he refers the blood on his hands can never wash off because of his cruel actions towards Duncan, when Macbeth says "will all great Neptunes ocean wash this blood/clean from hands" (2.2.78-79). The image of blood spoken after the death of Duncan makes the audience feel murderous. Shakespeare leads the audience to feel murderous to resemble Macbeths emotions after committing the cruel action. The apparition of the bloody child is told to Macbeth, Macbeth hears about this apparition because the bloody child represents the murderous actions to come. When the witches say "be bloody, bold and resolute, laugh to scorn/ the power of man, for none of woman born/ shall harm Macbeth" (4.1.90-93). The apparition highlights the child as a bloody child, this makes the audience focus on the bloodshed because the apparition highlights the child as of being bloody. Lady Macbeth sleepwalks, while she is in the middle of sleepwalking, Lady Macbeth complains she cannot get the blood off her hands. The guilt has finally taken over her, Lady Macbeth says "Here's the smell of the blood still/ all the perfumes in Arabia will not sweeten this little hand" (5.1.50-51), because she is so devastated the blood will never come out, this forces the audience to feel the guilt of the cruel actions done by the characters, and also focus on the blood. The blood portrays all the characters murdered, haunting the characters who have committed dark deeds with guilt. The imagery Shakespeare uses contribute to the dark and evil actions done by the characters makes the audience sense the image of blood and focus on the bloodshed.
The pathetic fallacy shown throughout the play mirrors the dark actions to come from the characters creating an ominous atmosphere. The weather reflects the motions and events in the play, as the weather portrays dark and gloomy, reflecting bad events will...

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