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Shakespeare To Be Or Not Be, That Is The Question English P4 Assignment

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When the renaissance first came on to the scene it changed so much of what people knew back then. There were many advancements to simple things that we think of common today, but for them it was very new and exciting. Some of the ideas changed whole entire nations and it influenced many people along side with it. One major idea that the renaissance brought was the importance of individuality and the belief that one can make his own destiny. One of the many millions of people it had influenced was none other than William Shakespeare. From playwrights before Shakespeare we can see many changes in both ways of writing and what they wrote about. Shakespeare took a whole twist on what people knew of these old playwrights and added renaissance flair to it. People's emotions that were added were key to this new style of writing. In the many plays and sonnets Shakespeare had wrote we can see he had done this. Perhaps one of the greatest forms of real human behavior in a play we can see is from Macbeth.

In the play Macbeth we can see so much of Shakespeare's influence from the renaissance , and the one of the many themes that the renaissance had brought, secularism. Although God and religion were important in that period of time , many people tended to look past it. There are many parts where this is being expressed but one to be focused on is Macbeth himself. In the play we all know what Macbeth had did , he had killed the king to be the king. Back in that time the process of picking a new king happened when the old king died , not after every few years. Waiting for the throne did not suit Macbeth so he had killed king Duncan. While doing the deed he was very scared he didn't want to get punished. The punishment Macbeth was scared of was not from God , or the afterlife it was from this world. One quote that shows Macbeths fear of worldly things can be seen in act 4 scene one. " What need I fear thee? But yet I'll make assurance double sure... thou shall not live !" This quote is Macbeth talking to himself about Macduff. When the witches told the prophecy , Macbeth was told only no man from woman born could kill him. By trying to kill Macduff rather than trusting in the prophecy it showed weakness and fear in Macbeth, but again Macbeth was fearful of the worldly things that will come for him. He barely gave a second glance at what will happen to him in the afterlife , same can also be seen from people of our time as well. Macbeth also showed other ideas from the renaissance as well. Individuality and personality were two major aspects of renaissance time . In the medieval time period, a majority of the people were low class people who didn't know the lives of the rich and upper class. Most may have thought that the upper class are so much different than the normal people and that they are above normal human behavior. When the new age of writing and thinking emerged views and opinions about that had changed greatly. In all of Shakespeare's...

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