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1. What are the category beliefs among the non-users of shampoo?

According to Exhibit 9, Shampoo Category Questionnare, most non-users of shampoo have positive beliefs regarding shampoo . Firstly, respondents try shampoo when recommended from a friend. They believe shampoo makes their hair look beautiful, healthy and strong. Yet, respondents only use shampoo when washing oil from their hair. Many do believe however that shampoo cleans hair better than soap. In addition, Respondents do not believe shampoo is very expensive but only buy shampoo in sachets rather than bottles. Last, many respondent remain neutral on the idea that shampoo has chemicals that are harmful and only should be used for occasional wash rather than being use in a daily routine.

2. What are the cognitive beliefs on the three brands of shampoos? (What are those advertising elements that match with the cognitive beliefs?)

Head & Shoulders is commonly associated with dandruff prevention. This belief about Head and Shoulders is most likely because they advertise as the expert-recommended brand for dandruff-free healthy hair. Additionally, many people feel taken care of by an expert when using Head & Shoulders which matches their claim that that 9 out of 10 dermatologists recommend H &S. Chik has a rating of 3.8 for the "keeps hair untangled and smooth" category most likely because their advertisements stress...

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