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I decided to research the benefits and challenges of emerging technologies in distance education for interaction and collaboration.

The first report I read was written by Dr. Michael G. Moore, Web 2.0: Does It Really Matter? In this editorial Dr. Moore discusses emerging technologies and how they are “being adopted voraciously by “digital natives” who have grown up with the Internet. Moore concludes that “social networking should make constructivist, collaborative knowledge-making more natural and popular among learners and also eventually with their teachers.” However, the implementation of the tool needs to be done within a high quality well designed course and not just a tool ...view middle of the document...

The researcher describes the Semantic Web and how it will impact education in three areas; knowledge construction, personal learning network maintenance, and personal educational administration. The description of this Semantic Web is a very interesting one that describes a very smart search engine that will “conduct intelligent searches that will return pertinent information for the user.” (Morris, 2011)

While The logic of wikis: The possibilities of the Web 2.0 Classroom, is a report specific to wiki use, it is relevant to the research question and it’s good to view the overview and the specifics when researching a topic. This report discusses how Web 2.0 tools have the “potential for the development of important innovations in the way we conceptualize the relationship between learning and thinking.” The authors of the report argue that the use of wikis as an educational tool because a wiki is an extension of the human mind. One of the main purposes for the report is to discuss how wikis can be successful tools for collaborative knowledge building. (Glassman & Kang, 2011)

The final report reviewed was Progressing the Social Dimension Toward the Collaborative Construction of Knowledge in 2.0 Learning Environments: A Pedagogical Approach . This report discussed “opportunities for learning via social media through progression of the social dimension toward collaboration.” Facilitators need pedagogical guidelines that outline how students should collaborate and construct knowledge using social media. The article concludes that social media is a “constantly evolving field” and that it is important to continually find and develop new ways to collaborate...

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