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Shannon Richardson's Envelope To The Mayor Of New York

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Shannon Richardson is American actress star in hit show such as The Walking Dead, the Vampire Dairies, and among other television shows. In 2013, Shannon was indicted for two counts of mail threat and one count of threat to the president of the United States. Shannon sends ricin laced envelopes addressed to the President, the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg. The whole motivate was taken action against gun control groups by New York Mayor Bloomberg and Mark Glaze.

Shannon Richardson
Shannon Richardson is an Irish American actress born in August 31, 1977, also known Shannon Guess as well. She raised by her father because her mother abandoned her at age two. She is the oldest of two. She stars in many hits series such as The Vampire Dairies, The Change Up, Franklin and Bash, and The Walking Dead. She only had small roles in those episodes as an actress. Shannon Richardson was married three times. She has six children and lived in New Boston, Texas. She has children from ages four to nineteen and all boys. Her current husband's name is Nathaniel Richardson, who is a U.S. Army veteran. He uses to do mechanical work in the military depot.
In the middle of April 2013, the Federal Agency in an off-site mail facility in Washington, intercept two ricin laced envelopes addressed to the President, the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg and Mark Glaze, who is the director of Mayor against illegal guns. The envelopes were tested positive for ricin, which is a highly toxic lectin produced from castor plant seed. It is not always fatal and not as powerful as anthrax, according to Medical experts. The castor bean seed can pass harmlessly, but if it is crushed then poison can enter the body. “According to Introduction to Toxicology, reason is a small protein consisting of two polypeptides, a short A chain and a longer B chain. The B chain makes a channel through the vacuole cell wall, allowing the A chain to enter the cytoplasm and reach the ribosomes where it blocks protein synthesis and kill the cell” (Timbrell, 2002, p.145). Ricin is deadly toxic when it is inhaled, injected, or ingested. It can cause respiratory, liver, spleen or kidney failure. Children are at risk than the adults.
According Federal Bureau Investigation affidavit, Shannon contacted the authorities claimed her husband are responsible for the scheme. During the investigation, the couple had turned in a computer. The investigators later found the files associated with poison mailings and searching of Tupelo case. They shared similar stories of framing each other and the attempts of others sending ricin-laced letter to the president. This Tupelo case made it to headline a month prior to their case. Shannon claimed her husband laced the letters with ricin and send it to them. The whole motivation and the reasoning behind it all are because the President and New York Mayor because they wanted to take action against gun control groups. The intentions of the group are to make...

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