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Shaping One's Leader Profile Essay

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[Type text] Monica Rosales
Shaping one's leader profileI. Characteristics of an effective supply chain leaderIn today's fast-changing business world, leadership is increasingly seen as a key to improved performance, and it is needed at all levels of an organization.According to James G. Clawson, leadership includes three fundamental clusters of skills and abilities: (1) creating vision, (2) garnering commitment to that vision, and (3) monitoring and managing progress toward the realization of that vision.The vision has to do with the leader's clear image of what an organization should look like and do in the future, and this requires creativity, being able to think and see beyond the current timeframe and the obvious options.The commitment is to be offered by followers so that the vision can be realized, therefore a leader most earn the trust from those who are critical to the success by making them feel supported because they know that they can rely on the leader.The right measures, techniques and tools to get indicators yield the results of our progress toward the vision is what Clawson means by monitoring and managing, so there is focus on the details of the business and we can gauge compliance.From these three clusters of abilities, we can infer that effective leaders show intelligence, good judgment, honesty and integrity, conviction, responsibility, stability, initiative, persistence, accountability, insight, maturity, dependability, optimism, enthusiasm, confidence, flexibility, vision, empathy, sincerity, charisma, patience, ambition, and trustworthiness. They also must posses an ability to build relationships, ability to manage business transformation, timeframe for change, negotiation skills, personality, confidence in others, courage, passion, education, discipline, computer skills, communication skills, research skills, curiosity, political understanding, motivational skills, plenty of drive, adaptability, advocacy, ethical and social responsibility, among others.The five I consider the most important because will provide the three ingredients we must have (vision, commitment and management) if we are to reach our goal, are observation skills, adaptability, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and analytical skills.Observation skills so we can challenge the status-quo and create a vision and determine where we want to go. We need to be able to see the trends.Adaptability so we are not afraid to choose to make a difference, so we are always searching for ways to improve ourselves and have the courage to act.Communication skills are needed to effectively transmit the picture or vision of the place we want the company to be in the future; these skills help to inspire others to keep learning and do more, if we are also listening attentively, when we can clearly express our ideas and thoughts.Emotional intelligence because it is crucial to recognize people's needs and know how to connect to help them stay loyal, energetic, and...

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