Shaping The Belief To Build Destiny: Comments On The "As A Man Thinks" Book For James Allan

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As a man thinks is a suggestive philosophy that describes how the sophisticated powers of our thoughts & emotions intermingle to create our attitudes, behaviors, perceptions and reactions. What is more critical is how this finally funnels to form the forces of faith based on belief and disbelief, creating the inner readiness to revolve the relation between man & circumstances, making him master.The philosophy of As A Man Thinks describes the two broad positions of human attitude, based on thought of course. These are roughly positive and negative, with a wide range of variability in between. It is these attitudes that make up man, who is made or unmade by his thoughts.Man is a creation by the almighty, and grows by the laws of the almighty. These laws present the catalyst which man uses to build his destiny. A catalyst formulated with righteousness will only result in good, and the vise versa. How man decides to plant the seed, and rear the plant will determine what the plant springs.Blind ambition, combined with some luck and success, without a foundation of good thought, and the faith that feeds a belief is a recipe for failure. Disbelief or negative thought will only lead to unaccommodating circumstances when it happens. The only truth is that circumstances will happen. The philosophy is not a difficult one, the almighty has told us that he will not change a people unless they change their inner selves.History has given us examples of those who prospered on their thought after walking in the dark for so long. Among the examples we can relate to are the Prophet Muhammed's PBUH companions. At the top of the list is Master Omar ibnul Khattab. This great companions life is an inspiring example of how thought has revolved his life. From one where he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself, living as a primitive, intoxicated with alcohol, stained with innocent blood, and dusted with the sand he used to bury his own female infant alive. To one where he fashions the tools where he builds himself the mansions of joy strength and peace, filled with virtue, truth,sobriety, and sacrifice for the message of virtue. It was not an act of magic that changed his life, but this great man was a result of getting his thought together.Change in thought is not easy, "Only by much searching and mining are gold and diamonds obtained". This means that the good is in every man, and the creator has created him flawless, it is mans responsibility to put effort to...

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