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Shaping The Way We Teach Through Psychology

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Shaping the Way We Teach Through Psychology
Psychology is the study of how the brain functions and the responses we, as humans, have to changes around us. Upon entering my Pre-Calculus class in the eleventh grade, I quickly realized that I had been called to become a post-secondary teacher. Psychology is used in many careers such as law, nursing, medicine, and teaching. The role of teachers is unlike any other. They need to know how to maintain order throughout their classroom, commit to their students, and realize that every student is diverse in their learning needs. Before taking Psychology 2012 at Hillsborough Community College, I never realized I would use psychology in my teaching career; however, it has become so evident to me the importance of it that I am now going to minor in Psychology as well as majoring in Mathematics Education.
As we all are fully aware, each student is diverse and has special needs when it comes to learning. There are three types of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Visual learners learn best when shown how to do an assignment. They prefer diagrams, pictures, and charts. Simply allowing your class to create flashcards and color coding notes can help these types of learners memorize the information. Our brain organizes information through a process. Creating flow charts will help the brain map out the information from the lesson given. Auditory learners learn best when a teacher presents information by talking to the student. When directions are read aloud, they tend to succeed. Allowing time for students to discuss the material in a group before moving on to the next is beneficial for these types of learners. Kinesthetic learners are learners who excel when engaged in the learning activity. By participating in labs, skits, and presentations, they acquire the information faster. Starting the class with a few warm up activities, next a lecture, then a classroom discussion, and wrapping up with a review will help all types of learning styles. Without the knowledge from psychologists about the different types of learners and their special needs, teachers would not know how to respond to their students who may struggle with the material given.
The key aspect of teaching is engaging the students. I can testify that I learn best when the teacher is involving me, as well as others, in the assignment. Making the material personal is a useful skill and helps the students learn at a faster rate. Rather than saying factual evidence that may or may not be interesting, using daily lessons would better the child’s understanding. For example, instead of stating that 2+2=4, give two students each two pencils and ask the class how many they have total. We encode mainly by meaning. Using pictures...

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