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Shark Cruelty Essay

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Shark Cruelty Should Be Banned
There are over 500 species of sharks and they exist in every marine eco-system. They've been known as the apex-predator for millions of years and now they're being eliminated by a relatively new apex predator in which they have no natural protection against, the human. The Western Australian Government has announced a plan to cull Great Whites that come near beaches, this is costing them over 9 billion dollars, ---that you pay. As well, millions of sharks a year are being caught illegally for food, skin and being used for products, such as wallets, bags, their liver oil is being used for your skin and cosmetic products, cartilage ground down for medicines and tablets, jaws for tourists and for show, teeth for jewellery and fins for soups. We are wiping out innocent animals by the millions, animals that can't speak for themselves, animals that are becoming close to extinction.Sharks do attack humans, yes. Sharks have killed people before, yes. But does that mean we should cull every shark that comes near a beach, of course not and why? Well firstly sharks don't eat and hunt humans, we aren't part of their diets. They have poor eyesight when looking up at the waters surface, well bad sight all together. Humans are mistaken to be animals that sharks do prey on such as seals, large fish or turtles. When the shark bites a human it spits it out and swims off straight away because they realise that what they just bit wasn't what they thought it was, it wasn't food.If you're so worried about being attacked by a shark and want them all dead don't go into their environment, the ocean is their home, it is where they live, it is where they nurse their young, it is where they feed. You don't see sharks coming up onto land and into our homes but so is a human going into their home, the ocean, can you breathe underwater like they can? no, of course not, can they breathe on land like we can, no and why, because it isn't natural. Killing sharks in their own home because they've injured a few people is appalling. I'm sorry but whoever agrees with that personally I think you should be put through the torture and the pain YOU put those poor animals through.Plus sharks attack approximately 50 people a year on average all over the world and only 5-10 of them are fatal but yet you're willing to allow your government to kill over 100 million sharks, how does that make sense in any way?! In the United States alone there are 16 shark attacks a year, while lightning kills 41 plus people on an annual basis, dogs kill more people than sharks do, ants kill more people than sharks do, jellyfish kill more people than sharks do, but are we going to kill all the dogs, ants and jellyfish? NO! Where is the logic in that? Sharks don't intentionally go out of their way to hunt and torture humans like we do to them. Why? I will tell you why, because the people are scared, they're intimidated and this makes people jump to conclusions and do things...

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