Sharon Glass And Michael Marshall: The Abuse Of A Child

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It is way too often that we hear about children getting abused by someone who is meant to protect them; that someone can be a parent, a grandparent, an aunt or an uncle. The abuse can be in many forms; mental, physical or emotional; it can be a combination of or all of these. This paper is about the abuse and torture of a young boy. This paper will tell how this case came to the attention of the authorities and discuss the crime, and who was accused, prosecuted and ultimately convicted of the abuse.

Everyday adults have to make decisions; either for their work or their personal life, but how many people have to make a decision that could mean life or death for someone they know. A family friend who was living with Sharon Glass and Michael Marshall would have to do just that. While living at the house he noticed the child who wore baggy clothes was awfully thin and when he hugged him he felt just bones.
On March 15, 2012 he chose to call detectives and describe the living conditions in the house. Titusville detectives went to the house on Barna Ave. to investigate these allegations. One can only imagine the thoughts going through the minds of the detectives when they opened a locked bathroom door and saw an emaciated little boy lying on the floor. The couple, according to Greg Pallone a reporter for Channel 13 News, was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse, and one charge of aggravated child neglect (2014). The children (ages 10, 12, and 15) where put into the custody of The Department Children and Families.
On January 07, 2014 a jury of 4 women and 2 men began the daunting task of listening to testimony from the state and prosecution. A former teacher of the boy told the court that , “She warned DCF and the police about the boy's condition in 2010 after the elementary school suspected Marshall and Glass were starving him”, but DCF did not find any evidence to support the allegations (Unknown, Boy testifies that he was tied up, starved by custodial dad, dad's girlfriend, 2014). Soon after that investigation the boy was withdrawn from the public schools; it is likely the parents withdrew him to avoid any more inquiries from the state.
The boy, who is now 14, testified about the abuse. Prosecutors played the audio recording of his interview, where he describes interactions with his dad, Michael Marshall. He also stated that the starvation started after Glass moved in the house, reports Dan Billow reporter for WESH News (2014). The day the police rescued the boy he weighed 40 pounds; a child at that age should weigh 90 pounds to be in the 50th percentile, according to the CDC’s growth chart (Statistics, 2000). He was dehydrated and malnourished from eating only small amounts of noodles...

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