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Sharp Corporation

SHARP CORPORATION: Technology Strategy Summary Sharp Corporation was established in 1912 by Tokuji Hayakawa as a small workshop. The Company was a small, second-tier assembler of TV sets and home appliances which competed mainly on price. However in the early 1970 Sharp Corporation focused on technologies which competitors ignore , developed expertise in certain electronic devices, such as integrated circuits and liquid crystal displays (LCD) and used them to develop innovative end products. As a result, Sharp Corporation consistently improved its performance so that, by 1992, it was regarded as a world leader in opto-electronics and a premier comprehensive electronics company. Analysis Sharp Corporation is no longer second-tier assembler with $ 11 b. sales and $300 m. profit. There are bunch of factors that carry Sharp to success. Sharp is dedicated to two principal ideals: ?Sincerity and Creativity.? Entrepreneurship and techonological innovation had always been the mainstays of the company. The Company vision and culture are also important factors of their success. Sharp keen sense of seeing the future and investing in the products that competitors ignore open up the gates for profits for future. They are working for creating and fullfilling new customer needs. Sharp has a top down traditional organizational structure and long term prosperity. Their culture of innovativeness was also enhanced by a feeling of crisis. The products are functional and user friendly. They give importance to globalization and now operating in 18 countries.

They spend 8.2 percent of their consolidated sales on R&D expenditures to improve their products. Actually the Company is not a true investor but picks small areas that they think they will win. They did backward integration into products to achieve differentiation. They built application and implication combinations such as using LCD, flash memory and Ics to built wizard organizer as an example of seeds&needs. Sharp is now operating in , information technology , consumer electronics and devices using optoelectronics technology. Sharp corporation is giving much attention to production technology than its competitors. They use low cost locations for after innovation. They focused technology investment on smaller areas where they have a competitive advantage.

They have long term commitment as they start investing in LCD in the sixties before the market emerges. They are responsive to outside inventions and ideas such as hiring outsiders and using LCD from RCA , Ics from Bell Labs. They differentiate in end products to make them imitated more difficult. Distribution network of the company was poor in mid 60. They had stores less than 1/7 of their...

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