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Shattered Essay

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The mirror is cracked but not shattered.
Fragments of glass reflect pieces of her. Lily-white skin. Primped, hanging curls the color of corn. A button nose. Cherry ribbon lips. Opaque forget-me-not blue eyes. The dark pupils dilate and swivel, dilate and swivel, but her eyes are sightless. She sees, but she does not.
The mirror is cracked but not shattered.
She sees her face separately in each shard of glass. Some small, some large. A multitude of reflections, each one a clone of the other, each one a doppelganger, a twin. Never alone. Each reflection with an identical companion. Symmetry is beautiful. She aches.
The mirror is cracked but not shattered.
Her fingers graze the mirror. The pads of her fingertips tingle at the touch of each crack’s raised edge. A mirror; a symbol of frailty and a symbol of immense power. Reflective ice. What lurks beneath the translucent, razor-thin surface of a mirror? Her fingers reach for the reflections before her.
The mirror is cracked but not shattered.
The curtains unveiled her. Pretty as a doll. Silent as a mannequin. Lifeless as a marionette with no one pulling her strings.
Beneath the spotlight’s glare, a reflection clearer than in a cracked-but-not-shattered mirror. The lipstick glued to her lips, the blush caked on her face, the bright red circles painted upon her cheeks. A freakish sight fit for the gypsies’ circus.
Silence. Or laughter. Silent laughter.
The fat tears roll down, leaving clean tracks in the thick makeup.
The mirror is cracked but not shattered.
Prone to melancholy, she muses. To be cracked like the mirror but not shattered. All the pieces together, but not completely complete. Complete completeness terrified her.
Her own eyes see clearly, truthfully--blindly. Broken eyes. To see through the blurred beauty of a cracked mirror is an authentic sight.
To have cracked eyes. To have fragmented eyes. Each pane of glass is an identical view. An utterly symmetrical existence. Companionship. Beautiful.
She adores the cracks in the mirror. Absentmindedly, she traces the cracks’ tangible edges to the single point from which they all deviate: the point of contact, the point of brilliance. A point miniscule enough for a needle and wide enough for a galaxy.
Contact. She breathes the word in a reverential hush. Contact. To be touched again. A sweet, faraway concept. Trailed by the scent of rotten roses.
The mirror is cracked but not shattered.
On display, trapped in the glass casing. No sound entered. Only the harsh light filtering from above, and the rapidly moving images before her, seen through the transparent wall. Through the glass. Her own reflection was a wispy phantom distorting the world outside the glass casing.
The hot, stuffy security of the glass casing unnerved her. The glass was not cracked and not shattered. A greatly, terribly beautiful abyss.
To be seen but not touched. Her impeccable features, her flawless complexion, her stylish...

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