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The author of “The Shatterer of Worlds” is very effective at creating a strong atmosphere that supports his theme. The author, Kildare Dobbs uses character and language to establish a powerful atmosphere and support his theme. Dobbs states that war is one of the worst actions a country can engage in, and therefore a nation must be careful about entering war. By using character and language the author is able to create a horrific atmosphere throughout the short story.

Kildare Dobbs uses both Emiko, an innocent Japanese girl who survived the atomic bomb, and the himself to create a horrific atmosphere throughout the short story. At the beginning of the short story Emiko is portrayed as a ...view middle of the document...

By using litotes the author is allowing the reader’s mind to wander and provoke emotion through logos, creating a sense of horror in the mood of the short story. However, as adapt as the author is about using character in this story, he is about using language.

Kildare Dobbs uses language, particularly descriptive detail and repetition to create a strong and horrific atmosphere and support the theme of war continually throughout the short story. While Emiko is running towards the mountains mindlessly looking for her mother and father, the author describes that she sees in the most descriptive way possible. He describes the appearance of many individuals who are burned to death, people falling on the ground injured, and many more situations where people were injured. He follows by saying, “But these… were the lightly wounded” (72). The very vivid descriptive detail that Dobbs uses provokes a fearful response from the reader creating a horrific response that many people cannot even begin to imagine. Through this he shows that war is something that a country should enter cautiously as it not only effects the...

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