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"Every time I've had a bad performance at an event, I've come back more determined and focused."( Shaun White Quote). Shaun White has shown that this is not just ones of his meaningless quotes. He has accomplished a lot due to his determination including his two Olympic gold medals. His whole life he has loved snowboarding and skate boarding, he strives everyday to get better no matter the circumstance.
Shaun Rodger White was born in San Diego, California on September 3, 1986. to Rodger and Cathy white. By the age of 5 he had already had two cardiac surgeries due to his heart defect. Even though it was rough for him while he was young that did not stop him. He grew up in a house with a ...view middle of the document...

Soon after going pro it became an Olympic event, and made its debut in 1998. Everyone called him a cute little kid his first pro season due to his young age, but he continued to train hard and compete. Soon after his first season he took second in many pro events, the name older pro boarders typically called him stopped.
Shaun came up short making the Olympics. He didn't qualify for the team by 0.3 points. It surprised Shaun due to the unfortunate fact that he had beaten most of the athletes that qualified for the U.S team earlier in the year. But Shaun didn't give up, this actually made him realize that he had to work a lot harder. The following year he won the Slope Style and Super Pipe events in the 2003 X Games, which he competed with the best. During the 04 X Games Shaun took a major injury to his knee. He did six months of rehab to get back on the slopes. Now with the second Winter Olympic games coming, Shaun had to prepare. Unlike before Snowboarders were starting to train like modern athletes, hitting the weight room hard and practicing a lot more than before. Even though Shaun was the best he realized he had to work hard. Shaun spent the summer in New Zealand using the winter weather to train. In 2006 the Winter Olympics were finally going to start again. And Shaun was about to show everyone how much he has improved. His first qualifying run, didn't go to good he had let his nerves get to him. But his second run he ended up scoring 45.3 out of 50, this got him a spot into the finals. In...

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