She Is He?! Essay

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Staring at the gate between the whole school in the playground field. Baekhyun watched the girl called Taeyeon playing as the cheerleader in the other half field with other girls. She was beautiful, sweet and cute. His friends are wondering how baekhyun fell for her, it's because she was beautiful, that's all.

"maybe you should stop drooling over her, baek. it's so disgusting"

His Chinese friend, Luhan said while chewing his gum in his mouth. sitting there for fifteen minutes at break time with baekhyun. The dreamy boy wiped his drools with a glare sent to his friend who's chewing his gum with his disgust stare. "it's not one of you business, i mean why can't she see me, do i look awful!?" the dreamy boy, baekhyun finally spoke with a sad tone while staring at Taeyeon chatting with her friends with a smile on her face. Luhan stared at baekhyun then at Taeyeon then again bought his attention back at his poor friend, he slowly sat on the bench beside him and sigh "i'm hungry now so wait for d.o to come here with the food and get my energy back" he said while chewing his gum which got a hit by baekhyun who was expecting some advices or talks.

"I'm here"

their other friend, Kyungsoo who got a nickname by his friends, D.O because of his doe eyes - came with a mad expression on his face. he gave them their juice then sat on the other side beside baekhyun. The other two stared at the juice on their hands then frowned, "d.o i thought we said burgers too!?" Baekhyun complained but opened the hole with the straw and sipped from it. D.o shrugged at them and sipped from his juice before speaking, "i was waiting in a huge noisy freaking line to take FOOD! when finally i arrived front, i bought three burgers and walked away then ONE STUPID who called himself the SEX GOD blocked my way and took the tray with a DISGUSTING smile on his face then paid me back, walking away dramatically to his ASSHOLE FRIENDS" taking a long breath, he threw his juice on the grass angrily "IM FREAKING MAD AND ANGRY" he yelled frustrated at his friends who are sipping their juices normally.

D.o scoffed at their act then sat straightly crossing his arms. Luhan pointed his finger at the juice on the grass but D.o cut him off by saying "i won't go buy another one in the crowd" he hissed angrily.

Luhan laughed shaking his head, "no i was going to say throw it in the trash" he said with an innocent smile on his face which got turned to an ugly one when...

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