She Is These Days Essay

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She is the one that makes me wonderWhy am I here?Shall I be with her?Shall she be with me?Her hair is blonde like the morning sunAnd her curves are greater than an artist's finest painting.She has the soul of a child and the mind of a Wiseman.She has been through muchAs have I.We have many tales to share.Good and badOld and newWhat does she like to do?I am not a rich manNor am I poor.But together we can soar.We could have many adventures in this wondrous place our ...view middle of the document...

"He is dead.Walked towards the light.So is it true what was said?Bad days,Strange dreams.Where are my golden bays?Or never-ending streams?Every plan goes straight to hell.Never works out at all.Where is she right now?I'd like to sit near and touch her hair.Just tell her how much I love her,And never fear anything at all.Because I will always be there,Wherever and whenever she needs.Swallow the poison sweet one,And join me in the night.I'll take you on a trip you've never been.Mysterious smoke fills the cool, September air.Alcohol and drugs are within one's grasp.A fantastic fiesta without the Mexicans.Tonight is a tool.A tool to reach deep down inside yourself and pull out your true feelings.Have a beer my friend and let paranoia escape your mind.Come inside and mingle,But leave your cigar to the night.Having fun yet?Here, try this water bong.There you go.**** it if her boyfriend's there,Talk to her.Oh, it's not her boyfriend after all,Good news for you my friend.It's getting late?You have to go?Ok, see you next time.And the night is behind you.Tomorrow is even better.Half a shot on a moonlit night,Driving home I saw you.While I was passing through.Your hair and beautiful body walking through space.Or maybe it wasn't you.It could have been my imagination.I don't trust my eyes much these days.

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