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Shes All That is a movie about typical teenagers. A high school jock, Zack Siler, makes a bet that he can turn an unattractive nerdy girl, Laney Boggs, into the school's prom queen in 6 weeks. Laney’s character changes throughout the film. The use of stereotypes shows the change in her personality and character. When she is first introduced in the film, she wears glasses and a horrible combination of colors. She as well wears glasses, which portrays her to be a geek that does not fit in with the other perfect looking characters. It can also be deduced that her use of different colors being worn at once has connections of her trying to express herself, which is a stereotypical view of teenagers. As she begins to change in the film and open up more as a character, due to Zacks sudden interest in her, her costume changes too. She begins to wear dresses, skirts and cute tops instead of her usual paint covered overalls. This transformation resembles her desire to be more feminine and take care of her looks like the other female characters. Also, she doesn’t wear her glasses anymore, which connotes her to be more accepted as she physically looks alike to the other characters in the film. Zack is immediately illustrated as a typical jock. They show him wearing a letterman jacket when he is first introduced. Throughout the film, Zack typically seems to wear simple clothing such as t-shirts and jeans. This echoes the style of many teenage boys, so it is a stereotypical style of costume that is usually seen in teen romantic comedies.
Laney Boggs dealt with many issues in this movie. Her mother died when she was very young, which turned her into an outsider who used art to cope with her emotions. She tended to block people out her life, as she felt that it was best for her. Zack also dealt with problems of his own. In the movie, Zack explains how since the day he was born there was a certain expectation of him from his father. His father always wanted him to go to Dartmouth University, but Zack finds himself completely unsure of wanting this for himself since he believes that his father is trying to live his life through him.
Stereotypical teenage traits and roles are seen repeatedly in the film. A great example of this is Taylor Vaughn, who is portrayed as a mean girl, getting a tattoo. This represents her as rebellious, which is a stereotypical view of teenagers. She as well ruins Laney’s dress and tells her she is not good...

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