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It was my second date with my regular client Stephen. He always liked to give me a little extra money to keep on the side for myself. Stephen wasn't really the type to just have sex and not get to know me. He wanted to know everything about me from where I came from to what I dreamt about.

He wasn't like my other clients...thankfully. He knew my plan to get out and wanted to help me. Slade loved Stephen because he always paid so much even without the sex. This time he gave me ten thousand dollars. Four thousand dollars for Slade and the rest was for me.

"Stephen I can't take this money! Do you have any idea what Slade would do to me if he knew I had this much!? He would beat me until I couldn’t see straight anymore. Trust me he will do it!"

Stephen was gorgeous man no doubt. If I was a few years older I wouldn't mind fucking him like there was no tomorrow. He was a tall light skinned brother with deep waves. You could tell he had some Indian in his family. But he was 29 and wasn't looking for a relationship with me.

"Look Slade won't know you have it. I set you up a bank account so you could save your money. So you can go back to your family where you belong. I know you probably won't accept this but I'm giving it to you anyway,"

He reached in his back pocket to take his wallet out. Opening it and took out a black credit card. He handed it to me. My name was on it in silver letters. He was damn right I couldn't take this, it was too much!

"I already put the 8 grand on it along with some additional money. It's yours to keep if you want it. You can put all the other money in it too. You might not believe me, shit I don't either but, I love you and I want to take care of you,"

I know he loves me very much. He would remind me every chance he got too. Yes this was a much fucked up relationship we have but it was a real one at least. He was 29 and I was 16, almost 17. He was one of my first clients. I knew what he meant when he said he loved me.

It was the kind of love he shows for your daughter. Not the kind you tell your girlfriend. He tried his hardest to be a father figure to me. God knows I needed one in this life. He looked out for me when Slade tried to hurt me at his worse.

I had never had sex with him nor did anything sexual with him either. He was like the only male friend I had and could trust. Any time I was with him we always hung out. Out if the city of course never in the area. Hence why he was my best and favorite client. He introduced me to his family, after I was fully clothed. I even had my own room in his house with my own stuff.

He had a son too, he is really cute. I liked him a bit but I doubt he ever noticed me. If I actually remember he was the only guy I ever liked. His name was Damien. He looked just like his father, only younger.

Damien is about my age and is in school. I wanted that boy so bad but I didn't want to mess things up with the family. He spoke to me every time I came over for a weekend. Slade only...

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