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She sat in the corner, in the shadows of the dim tavern. Cloak over her head, which would have hid her completely if it were not the candle she had lit that sat on the table next to her. She read, it was an old book, one she had read many times before but still found useful after all this time. She waited, for the person who had called her here. Men drank in the center of the tavern. Mage lights brightened the room, kept the tavern warm. A fanciful invention for sure, but draining nonetheless, she closed the book and let out a sigh. How long must she wait until he arrived? She'd been outright dragged to this place, yet he had yet to show himself, perhaps she was not needed after all. Just as she made her mind to leave, the door to the tavern swung open, and snow flew in from outside. The cold wind dimmed the mage lights as a cloaked figure entered the tavern, another mage, a most familiar one at that.
When others, drunks, bar wenches and the tavern owner himself knew that he was mage, they turned their eyes and went back about their business. The mage seemed to float across the room and over to her then stopped. His cloak was wet from the snow, the bottom of his face was hidden by cloth and his head too, however his eyes stuck out, a mage often had such odd colors for eyes. Some were purple, others a striking green sometimes orange even, but his, much like hers were golden.
"Teoria…" his voice was raspy, very much out of breath, after all one had to climb hills to reach this place and it was snowing on top of that.
"It's been a while, what brings you all the way out here…Sian?" she removed her hood, golden hair fell from behind her ear and in front of her face.
Sian sat in the open chair across from her; he removed his cloak hood sat. He was young no more than twenty-five cycles of the seasons. His hair was as dark as a moonless night, long to his waist. His hair was very much like hers in part, falling in front of his face a slight. He wore dark clothing; mainly black but there was dark purple as well.
"Of all the places to travel you choose…here?"
Teoria smiled thinly, but amused nonetheless. "And why not, it's not as if you had to climb up the side of a mountain," she mused.
Sian was not as amused as she, his frown deepened as if he had just remembered something unpleasant. Teoria smiled back at him, and he sighed, "We've found another,"
Teoria leaned against her hand on the table, "Found what exactly?"
Sian stared at her, "You know what, a Fate Seer the third one was located" he fell silent but narrowed his golden gaze at her, "But you already knew that."
Teoria closed her eyes and...

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