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She Wants A Home, Not A House

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The House on Mango street is a novel written by Sandra Cisneros who wrote this in a really creative and unique style; She did not write it all altogether but in small chapters. Cisneros was really successful in reflecting her Latino society by developing a character who is a young Latina girl called Esperanza showing how are the injustice, mistreatment and abuse from the males in the society. When Esperanza sees that other women who live in the same neighborhood are being abused by their husbands or fathers, her dream of leaving the house becomes stronger. Consequently she decides to leave her family house on Mango Street. In a particular chapter, ‘The Three Sisters’, the writer tells the ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, she builds up the atmosphere of sadness in the scene by mentioning that the baby, Lucy and Rachel’s sister, died. When that happened, “a dog cried and yellow bird flew in through an open window”. The dogs don’t cry unless it is a really severe pain and the bird symbolize peace and freedom which Esperanza is dreaming of or it could be happiness leaving the house and this is how Esperanza feels. She mentions how the baby was suffering recently from fever till it got worse. After this Jesus comes and takes him away with him which denotes the moment of the baby’s death. A good point to mention, when a baby dies, people get to think about the fact that they cannot know the time they will die, and that they may die the same day. As a result, the person gets motivated to look at himself and try to achieve what he wants before the journey of his life ends. This might be a spark for Esperanza to think again about leaving the house and achieve her dream before her turn comes.
After the writer introduces the reader to the atmosphere, she starts to talk about what happened between Esperanza and the three sisters. Despite that Esperanza finds the three sisters as weird people, she finds them interesting and fascinating. Also, she noticed that they must have known magical powers that would let them know about her trouble and anxiety; “They must’ve known, the sister. They had the power and could sense what was what” (Cisneros). After this, they ask her to go to them and they give her a piece of gum which smells weird like Kleenex. The Three sisters ask her about her name. In order to win Esperanza’s trust, they praise her name, “Esperanza, the old blue veined one repeated in a high thin voice. Esperanza … A good good name”. The reason why they want to win her trust is to make her feel comfortable when she talks to them. They started to show her that they can know things other people do not know. They said that it is going to rain the next day and Esperanza asked them how did they know and their answer was always “we know”. After this, the cat-eyes one asked the other two sisters to look at Esperanza’s hands. They listened to her, “And they turned them over and over as if they were looking for something”. The three sisters asked Esperanza to make a wish and keep in her heart. They know her wish so they tell her that her wish will come true. The woman with a marble hand called Esperanza, “The one with marble hands called me aside. Esperanza. She held my face with her blue-veined hands and looked and looked at me, A long silence. When you leave you must remember always to come back, she said”. At this moment, Esperanza is really impressed from their prediction and fortune telling skills. The three sisters concern was to make Esperanza come back to the place where she belongs. Later they tell her, “When you leave you must remember to come back for the others […] you will always be Esperanza. You will always be Mango Street. You can’t erase...

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