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Shed Essay

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With spring finally visiting Tributary, the Fayreweather children looked forwards to the weekends more than ever. There were so many things they could do outside that they unable do in the winter months. The longer days seemed invigorating. It was Friday afternoon, the sun was shining and the birds singing their spring serenades. Megan managed to make it through the day without talking in class. No detention from Mrs Lake! The three Fayreweather children could go home together after school.
When the Black Oak Primary school bell rang, Megan was the first to leave the school. She stood to the side waiting for her sister.
The sunlight blinded Jessie as she stepped outside. After a few moments her eyes adjusted to the pleasant brightness and she caught sight of Megan.
“Megan. Hi,” Jessie called as she stepped off the sidewalk to join her sister.
Megan answered proudly, “Mrs PrickleLake didn’t make me stay after school today!”
Jessie and Megan, smiling with the sunshine in their hair, skipped, arm in arm, down the street to meet Jay J at the corner of North Seventh Street and Linden Lane. Jay J stood under a fragrant linden tree with his jacket in his hand and his back pack hanging loosely over his shoulder.
“Hey, Jess! Hey, Megs! Maybe we can make cookies tonight. We should ask mom.” Jay J shouted to his sisters as they drew near. “I know, let’s go to the park! Can we walk the long way home? Please?”
Taking the long way home meant walking down Linden Lane then turning off into Maple Crest Park. Once in the park, the children could follow the path next to Maple Crest Brook. The path twisted and turned from the park until it finally reached their back yard.
Megan took Jay J by the hand and nodded as they all began to walk under the majestic arching trees, towards Maple Crest Park. Walking, the sounds and smells of spring surrounded them as they talked of their weekend plans.
Jessie suggested to Jay J and Megan as they walked, “If we do our schoolwork, as soon as we get home, we can make cookies right after dinner. I am sure mom will say yes.”
“Why can’t we do our homework later? Like Sunday night?” Megan whined, “Maybe if we promise, we can still make cookies tonight.”
Jay J barged in, “Can we make honeydoodle cookies? They’re my favourite! Pa-lease...”
Ignoring Jay J, Jessie reminded the others, “We can’t make cookies tomorrow or on Sunday because we will be working in the garden.”
Jay J interrupted, “But can we make honeydoodle cookies? Please!”
“Maybe, Jay J. Remember we get to plant our Pioneer Planter’s seeds, unless it rains, so we need to make cookies tonight if we are going to make them at all,” Jessie explained.
They turned off Linden Lane and into the park. Everything seemed as green as emeralds; the leaves on the trees, the grass below their feet and the moss on the rocks. Walking though Maple Crest Park, Megan and Jessie discussed making cookies. Jay J did not join in, he ran to the brook to throw stones into the cool water. ...

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