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Shedrick L. Smith Miss Gunnufsen English 3 14 April 2014

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hours per work, 3.3 hours more than the average American (Emmert). College Athletes have a significantly larger workload than your average college student with hours of rigorous classes, games, and training, mostly on the same day. There are many colleges that use athletes at their universities. If it weren’t for most athletes, schools would have a difficult task at building their schools academically. College sports long have included an underground economy because the talented athletes have always been worth way more than a scholarship. These athletes are putting themselves at the same risk physically as a professional athlete. Student athletes have to live up to a very high standard. If ...view middle of the document...

This year, the University of Alabama reported $143.3 million in athletic revenues more than all 30 NHL teams and 25 of the 30 NBA teams.
On an academic level students have actually been known to help universities.(Emmert) The season that Boston College University quarterback Doug Flutie won the Heisman Trophy as the nation’s best college football player, Boston College’s undergraduate admissions boosted by 25 points and its average SAT test scores of accepted freshman jumped by 110 points. Meanwhile, Georgetown University’s basketball star Patrick Ewing’s basketball success generated 47% increase in undergraduate admissions at a 40 point rise in freshman SAT scores at Georgetown University,
What is the college athlete actually getting ? The player scholarship doesn’t even cover the full cost of college. The average scholarship in fact leaves a athlete with arond $3,000 annual shortfall when it comes to paying for regular costs according to a study from Drexel University. When the NCAA was established in 1905, the opposition to paying student athletes was akin to paying coaches. A 20ll report called “The Price of Poverty in Big Time College Sports”, says that 85 percent of college athletes on scholarship live below the poverty line. The average market value of a top college athlete is over $100,000 each, and these athletes should be entitled to a portion of what they are worth, according to a new report an advocacy group says. The national college athletes advocacy group and a professor from a sports managemeent calculates that if colleges shared reveneus with the student athletes an FBS player would be worth up to around $121,000 per year, while the average basketball player would be worth around $265,000. In addition the NCAA says that paying student athletes would cause a Title IX problem. the average Division 1 coach makes nearly twice as much as the average division 1 women’s coach.stayin
Now here is the good part there are ways to pay these athletes. When a player is offered a scholarship include a set salary for players attendance at school. Set a salary cap for each school so that every school so that every school wouln’t have the best players, which would make the playing field fair. Every athlete who ends up staying four years at the school, should be able to get an additional two years of attendance so they could complete their...

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