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Sheila As The Only Charater Who Knows What The Inspector Is Doing

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Sheila as the Only Charater Who Knows What the Inspector is Doing


Sheila pg 27 "you see...(…)… tell you?"

pg 28 "be careful"

pg 29 "I don't understand bout you"

pg 29 "no mother please"

Ms Birling pg 29 "I'm mrs Birling"

pg 30 "we all started like that"

pg 30 "mother please don't"

pg 30 "you mustn't try"

pg 33 "no he's giving us the rope"

pg 37 "somehow he makes you"

Birling pg 37 "I must protest"

Mrs Birling pg 41 "No. Why should I?"

Mrs Birling pg 43 "I'm very sorry"

pg 48 "mother stop"

In the play Inspector Calls the inspector's actions change only mildly
throughout the three existent acts. In act 2, the act in question, it
becomes evident that Sheila has successfully caught onto the
Inspectors mentality and "methods of inquiry" as he so calls it, and
thus realises how the Inspector Goole is capable of obtaining all the
information. The first sign that shows somewhat indirectly that she
has understood the inspectors ways is right at the start of the act
where she says "You see? What did I tell you?"(pg 27) laughing
hysterically showing that she already expected this to happen. She
says this to Gerald since he believed that he could "escape" the
inspector's questioning by denying all statements regarding Daisy
Renton. She also demonstrates a found knowledge of the inspectors
approach to the inquiry by assertively saying to her mother not to
proceed, (pg 29) "No, Mother - please!". This was said in response to
Mrs. Birling's self introduction to the inspector where she started
confidently (the same way the others had, a point mentioned by Sheila
[pg 30]) saying that she knew nothing of this girl, so the entire
questioning being carried out was futile - a clear misconception and
an unmistakable sign that she is completely and utterly unaware of
exactly what inspector Goole is doing - which is explained further
into the act by Sheila herself "You mustn't try to build up a kind of
wall between us and that girl. If you do, then the inspector will just
break it down. And it'll be all the worse when he does". However, she
proceeds to saying in a figurative manner, "No, he's giving us the
rope so that we will all hang ourselves" - which shows that the
inspector tells them, or shows them enough evidence to make them feel
even a remote amount of remorse,...

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