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In Conan Dole’s amazing stories of Sherlock Holmes there is a set undertone to the relationship between the main character and the relationship to the narrator Dr. Watson. Watson views Holmes as almost an ideological figure and uses his stories and life to fulfil the true desires that he is missing in his own life. In this paper we will look at this relationship, why the author chose to tell the stories from Dr. Watson’s perspective, and lastly the how the modern day versions of the stories have twisted or defied this very important characteristic of the stories.
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These high holdings of Sherlock are what kept Dr. Watson returning to Sherlock even with the belittling manner that he was treated. In reality this relationship for Watson could almost be compared as a drug for Dr. Watson, no matter how bad the consequence he yearned the pleasure from it. Dr. Watson said it best in the story,” The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” “I had no keener pleasure in following Holmes in his professional investigations, and in admiring the rapid deductions.”(Doyle,” The Strand No 14.” pg. 14)
This being stated, let it not be said at the same time that Sherlock didn’t need or use his friendship with Dr. Watson. Holmes, of course knew the power he had over Dr. Watson and used this to manipulate him when the need arose. This is shown in,” A Scandal in Bohemia,” when Dr. Watson tries to leave when the mysterious caller arrives, but is pushed down by Holmes repeatedly to stay until the client had stated his case. Holmes knew once Dr. Watson had heard the case, the desire for the adventure of Sherlock Holmes would consume him. This would give Holmes the power to use Dr. Watson in any situation needed. This is shown not only in,” A Scandal in Bohemia,” but also in the story of,” The Adventure of the Speckled Band.” In both stories Watson is used to help play out the risky schemes to solve the case.
So, if Sherlock was so intelligent and the mastermind behind all these mysterious cases then why did author Conan Doyle tell the stories from Dr. Watson’s point of view? The main reason for this is the fact that Holmes was into the cases more for the thrill of the mystery. On the other hand, as stated earlier Dr. Watson was always chasing to live the life of his idealized friend Sherlock Holmes. A study performed at Washington University found that others know us better than we actually know ourselves. (Washington University in St.Louis) Though, this is a big part of the reasoning behind the story teller the other side of this is Dr. Watson due to his infatuation with Sherlock would have always built the stories bigger in his mind to cure his own desire for the lifestyle of Sherlock Holmes. To simplify...

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