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Sherlock Bones Essay

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Deep in one of the crumbling abandoned towers of DragonSpyre in a granite chamber, Sherlock Bones and the others waited to apprehend the scoundrel that had stolen the drake egg. Indeed, the scoundrel would get the fright of his life when he lifted the door latch to step into the small chamber.

Sherlock’s nose wrinkled at the scent of molten lava which indicated Boris Blackrose was near. Boris often worked with Sherlock, he was brave, obeyed orders well and, if need arose, possessed vast strength.

“Please find a place and light,” Sherlock growled at the Spectre. His neck fur rose every time the Spectre came close, he had little liking for the undead. The dead should remain dead and not scare the heck out of small pups.

Milo Barkers big booming voice filled the granite chamber. “All eggs are special but this little one may be the one to unite the Spiral and all of its citizens. Its breeding and talents are impeccable.” He patted the egg briefly his hand not lingering long enough to risk joining.

Dr. Purreau began another examination of the egg speaking while Mr. Lincoln recorded his findings. “The chamber’s thick stone walls has maintained an adequate temperature so it appears the delicate egg is in purrfect shape. Keep that water bucket near in case the temperature rises.”

Cyrus Drake was doing his usual pacing, slapping his wand on his leg at each stride. He glared at Sherlock. “Who would have the audacity to steal such an important egg? Tell us who did this deed and we will make quick work of him.”

“That is precisely why I do not tell who stole the egg.” Sherlock was keeping his suspicions to himself. Often in the Spiral things were not as they first appear.

Prospector Zeke had been visibly upset when it was discovered that he was the trader that had sold the Obisidian chest sitting near the egg’s resting spot. He remembered the sale - not many asked for an Obisidian chest. He remembered the heavy leather bag of gold closing the sale but he could not remember the cloaked stranger who purchased the chest. After all, it had been several months before. Looking puzzled Zek asked, “Why would this chest be here?”

“Rather elementary, dear Zeke, the chest would have been used to transport the egg. Obisidian chests are extremely difficult to open once their lock spells are in place. Since the villain was not very bright losing the scroll, only the usual city exits were available and under normal circumstances the city guards would have trusted the contents of the bill of lading passing the chest and it’s transporter through; but, the thief underestimated what an uproar would ensue because of the theft. There was only one option left - hide out and wait for the uproar to subside. That meant risking the egg hatching, which would bring another slew of problems in feeding and caring for the new baby. You know how noisy a hungry dragon baby can be.”

Zeke laughed, “Yep, that baby would have been heard all the way back to Wizard...

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