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Sherlock Holmes Essay

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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a famous fictional detective with his own series of
books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle between the late 1800’s and
early 1900’s otherwise known as the Victorian era in England. The
stories were set in London on Baker Street. The people of Victorian
England loved Sherlock Holmes because he always got his man, and the
police in their time could not get anyone.

Another reason the English people from the Victorian era loved
Sherlock Holmes is the way he solves the crimes. He is observant,
intelligent, has a sense of humour, brave and makes deductions very
well from almost nothing. Sherlock is a tall slim man with sharp
piercing eyes, square shoulders, and known for his hat and pipe, which
he smokes quite a lot. He sometimes acts stupidly to catch criminals
or uses role reversal and take the criminals for fools. Sherlock
Holmes is seen as an amateur detective that you can count on.

In “The Red Headed League” Holmes shows he is truly a great detective
by changing personalities to handle the suspects. He uses sarcasm,
intelligence, his ability to appear calm and relaxed, sense of humour
and of course his deductive and observant mind. In this story,
however, he mainly uses his observant mind and sense of humour. ‘Until
the comical side of the affair so completely over-topped every other
consideration that both burst out into a roar of long laughter.’ He
has the criminal copying from a dictionary for no reason, which is
quite amusing. Then he uses both his sense of humour and observant
mind when he says ‘Behind the obvious fact that he has at sometime
done some manual labour, that he takes snuff, that he is a freemason,
and that he has done a considerable amount of writing lately.’

“The Speckled Band” is one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s darkest stories. In
this story, Sherlock Holmes solves the case of a woman that has been
murdered in her bedroom, and is under pressure to prevent another one.
In “The Speckled Band” we learn that Sherlock is a bit scared and
nervous, strong, sarcastic, remorseless, loves his job and of course
deductive. He is strong ‘He picked up the steel poker and with a
sudden effort straightened it out again.’ You know he is sarcastic
when he says to someone ‘You have done wisely’ when the person really
hasn’t done wisely. You know he is scared and nervous when Watson says
‘I could, however, see his face was deadly pale and filled with

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