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Sherlock Holmes; Scandal In Bohemia Essay

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How is "Scandal in Bohemia" different from the typical Sherlock Holmes stories?Sherlock Holmes' stories have been and still are very popular and famous. They were at first magazine novels which started being written in 1887 by the author Conan Doyle. He keeps the same style of writing for most of his stories; he has a few exceptions such as "Scandal in Bohemia". In this story we find out things about Holmes' character which had not yet been shown in other of the detective's stories as well as happenings and changes in characters' lives, it just turns out to be different from the others. The story focuses on a strong woman who is not a victim. Doyle's stories have what we call the ingredients of the Sherlock Holmes novels and that's what this story does not have, there are some ingredients missing, but the fact that the story is different is what makes it so interesting and one of the readers favourite.The language is kept the same in all of Doyle's novels. Sherlock Holmes has very sophisticated English, which adds to the fact that he is extremely intelligent. Even though Doyle made this novel different from the others, he still makes sure the readers will keep interested from the beginning to the end. Doyle's stories were so popular that once he decided to give it an end, people got upset and angry, that Doyle had to write a few more novels for the indulgence of the fans.Conan Doyle uses the same criteria for most of his stories. In his stories we can usually find a false trail: a wrongly accused suspect or clue that leads in the wrong direction. Like in 'Silver blaze':'"Villain! Scoundrel!" cried the colonel''"We have here the explanation of why John Straker wished to take the horse out on the moor..."''"I have been blind" cried the colonel "Of course that's why he needed the candle and struck the match."'This quote gives an example of a false trail which does not happen in 'scandal in Bohemia' everything is quite straight forward, and there aren't a lot of opportunities for false trails.There also is no crime or attempted crime in 'scandal in bohemia'; all they wanted to do was recover a photograph;"We were both in the photograph""Oh, dear! That is very bad! Your majesty had indeed committed an indiscretion."" must be recovered." Said the king of BohemiaAgain different from other Sherlock Holmes novels such as the 'Speckled Band', where there was a horrible crime and Holmes would solve it, being once again the hero. "...all efforts were in vain, for she slowly sank and died without having recovered her consciousness." This quote was taken from Helen when she was describing her sister's death to Holmes.Little things like these already make the story distinctive from the others, as in other stories none of it happened. But apart from some events in the story there were other factors which altered the usual Sherlock Holmes stories, these were things such as the relationship between Holmes and Watson, it was not as close as it used to be,...

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