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Sherlock Horse Essay

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“So... who do you think killed Marvin?” asked Waterhen, the two us watching the townspeople file out of the interviewing station.
”I’m quite not sure.” I said. I had my suspicions, but after interviewing everyone there was still not a clear killer. “If there is one thing I am sure of though, it wasn’t the wolf.”
“Why’s that? He looked pretty suspicious to me. ”
“Remember how Marvin’s ear was the only thing found at the crime site? Well, it had been cut off perfectly. The wolves’ teeth are way too jagged to perform a cut that clean. Marvin’s ear was mostly likely cut off by something very sharp, like a beak.” I said.
“So I am guessing you think the owl killed Marvin?” said Waterhen.
“Yep, but I still don’t have enough proof to have him arrested. Plus its day time, so he’s probably off napping. We’ll talk to him later. In the mean time, let’s talk to his brothers; see if anyone had a grudge against Marvin.” I said. Marvin’s brothers, Milton and Jeffery, lived just outside the town’s border. Even though they told me they were never really close with their brother I was sure that they would know if he had at least one enemy.
Watterhen and I trotted up the wooden pathway to Milton’s house. His house was made of sticks and was humongous; it became obvious he was very rich. When we got to the top of the pathway Watterhen knocked on the door.
“Who- oh, you two. Come on in.” said Milton as he opened the door for us. We settled down on his couch while he called Jeffrey, asking him to come over. “I can’t say I wasn’t expecting you two. Is this supposed to be a private Interview?”
“Yes, if it’s not too troubling. We just have a few questions.” replied Watterhen.
“It’s fine. My brother will be here any minute, and then you two can ask away.”
Soon enough we were all sitting down on the couch, and I began to talk.
“Do you know if Marvin had any enemies? Anybody that might have hated him enough to kill him?”
“I don’t think so; he was a very nice guy. I wouldn’t have put it past the wolf though.” said Jeffery. I could tell from how many times they had mentioned the wolf that they didn’t like him.
“The wolf told me that he had been friends with Marvin. Has there ever been a fight between the two? Besides the altercation on the night of the murder?” Warterhen asked.
“Well, we never saw them fight. At the same time though, they never seemed to be the best of friends. Jeffery and I, as is probably obvious by now, definitely aren’t friends with the wolf.” replied Milton. I looked at the two of them. They seemed absolutely sure it was the wolf that killed their brother. I did notice however that both of them did look a tad nervous, Milton more so then Jeffery. He kept fidgeting in his seat and every once in a while tap his hoof on the ground. I understood why they might be sad, but why would they be nervous if they had had nothing to do with the crime? It was getting dark, so I thought Watrerhen and I should make our leave.
“We best be leaving now. Thank...

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