Sherry Turkle Is Wrong In Some Ways

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In Turkle’s book Alone Together, she discusses how new technologies are generally damaging the teenagers. She thinks new technologies are letting teenagers lose interest and attention in many ways like over-excessive texting rather than talking on the phone or even face to face talking, being more alone in reality but talkative with Facebook friends by showing a lot of anecdotage, and talking in her keen psychoanalytically-trained psychologist’s tone. But this does not mean Sherry Turkle is absolutely right. Just like that you can’t say the viewpoints of an argument essay must be right, if there is a mount of examples. In recent years, teenagers were born and being raised in an environment of cellphones, televisions and computers. I have a strong feeling about high technology life. Just like now, teachers require us to use laptops writing an essay; more and more online classes are available in our school schedules. There is no doubt that Turlke does do a good job on showing the variety of pathology engendered by social media, but I still think her book is one-sided bias, because she just presents some extreme examples. Through her opinions, while she doesn’t mention any ‘welfare’ that new technology brings to human beings; her ignorance of Sturgeon’s Law and her lack of access to any real long-term studies bring her the one-side biased argument—human beings’ self-destructiveness from new technology.
In my opinion, the points that are made in the book are very compelling. For example, in Turlke’s Along Together, she writes that “I interrupt a call even if the new call says ‘unknown’ as an identifier—I just have to know who it is. So I’ll cut off a friend for an ‘unknown’, said by Maury”(171) and “If I know someone writes something on my wall of my Facebook, I have to check it. I have to do immediately, said by Marilyn”(171) There are two people whose situations are severe for sure, but does it mean that everybody does the same thing? No, it does not. I know she wants to critique the new technology connection and to express that people are too much dependent on technology. Nowadays, there are many people who are addictive to technology very much, especially some social networks, like Facebook. An article from World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology shows that, “Facebook has become an essential part of many people’s lives. Surveys have shown that 71.2% of Internet users in the U.S. are also Facebook users, and that almost adolescents check Facebook first thing in the morning. Facebook ranked first in a survey of the 100 most popular websites in Taiwan. Nearly 90% of the Facebook population is made up of students, particularly university students”. At the same time, we have to notice that technology brings us a lot of fun. For example, communication has been made easier and the Internet has brought email and chatting facilities. Instead of sending letters to respective destinations, it is very easy to send an e-mail, which will be...

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