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Shin Splints An Explanation Of The Kinds Of Shin Splints, Causes, Effects, Symptoms, Short/Long Term Treatments, And Influence On Our Society Today. Includes Bibliography (Only A List Of Resources).

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Shin splints, or in other words Medial Tibial Pain Syndrome, are one of the most misdiagnosed running conditions. To sum up the definition of Shin Splints, it is an overworking of the tibia and its muscles. Many times, this condition is a result from improper conditioning or running on very hard surfaces, such as concrete, and bad running shoes. This movement causes the soleus muscle to pull very hard on the backside of the tibia causing the muscle to form very small tears at the point of attachment.There are two different types of shin splints. The first is called the Medial (posterior) shin splint. This is a condition in which the periosteum of the tibia is damaged when it is pulled away by an overstressed tibialis posterior (back and inner muscles of the shin). Anterior shin splints are a condition wherein the blood flow is blocked from the anterior section due to the expansion of the overstressed tibialis anterior (front and outer parts of the shin).Many causes of this condition all relate. The two most prominent are faulty running shoes and too much of an increase in training too soon (like increasing distance and/or speed). Muscular imbalances (i.e. a weak interior or posterior tibial muscle) can put strain on a certain muscle. As said above, running on hard surfaces too much can also lead to shin splints, though good shoes will help control this. A final cause of shin splints is because of biomechanical problems. This ranges from a person's running form to having one leg longer than the other.Shin splints hold a variety of symptoms. Some include a dull ache or pain after running or even walking. Swelling can follow this on the lower part of the leg and/or small bumps along either side of the shinbone. Altogether, the onset of symptoms are gradual.There are three different categories that include the treatment of shin splints. These are general treatment, short-term treatment, and long-term treatment. General treatment includes getting new shoes, icing, massages, taping, and stretching. Taping should be only used when really necessary because it can lead to dramatic elevation of pain. You will want to gradually build up your...

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