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Pink Floyd: 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond'
AnalysisTitle: Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1 to 5)Band: Pink FloydComposers: Gilmour, Walters and Wright.Style: Progressive rock. This is exemplified by its length and complex structure, which in return gives it diversity and independence. Other factors, which contribute to its style, are its European sound, promotion of instrumental parts and the development of musical themes while using traditional rock instruments with new technology.Key: G minor (all parts)Structure: The song can be divided into five parts. See below:

Time Duration (13:31)


0:00- 2:09


2:09 - 3:54


3:54 - 4:30
4:30 - 6:27

IV a
IV b

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The ad-lib style solo is played in the same position throughout, never going out of the two octave range.The synthesizer bass now follows the synthesizer strings in a contrary motion, and abandons its sustained pedal note. The harmonic structure has also changed:
















From 3:40, the sounds and instrumentation fade to a low level, settling at 3:54.Part III a (3:54 - 4:30)The first four notes of the guitar establish part III. We will call this four note phrase- A. The phrase is in 6ths which is repeated five times during this section. The tone is louder and more distorted than the guitar in the previous part.The crystal sound effect reappears in this section. There is a slight delay in its sound, so what originally appears in the left speaker appears a fraction later in the right, at a lower volume.At 4:25, the drums enter for the first time, playing straight eighths with a crescendo for four bars.Part III b (4:30 - 6:27)It is clear now that the time signature is 3/4 and the tempo is allegro.There are two sub-parts under this section which will be called sub-part 1 & 2. Sub-part 1 can be simply described as the band playing together, while sub part 2 is the moment the guitar solo begins.The instrumentation contained in sub-part 1 is three electric guitars (one low in the mix and plays rarely), drums, bass guitar and a Hammond organ which is also low in the mix.This section contains repetitions and variations of phrase A. The other electric guitar is playing inverted 3rds with vibrato on every 1st beat after every four bars. At 4:50, the bass guitar plays a chromatic run.Chord Progression - Sub-part 1














Sub-part 2 begins at 5:13.The instrumentation is the same as sub-part 1, but with a solo electric guitar as a new texture. The solo guitar plays with a clean tone up to 6:05. The tone is then more distorted and slightly louder. At 6:15 the solo guitar plays using a G minor scale, one octave lower.Chord Progression - Sub-part 2










At 6:06 a descending chromatic line takes place: G, Gb, F, E, Eb, D, D#, D; each note lasting for two bars.Other features during this sub-part are that the synthesizer imitates phrase A and plays small fills during the chromatic session and the Hammond organ plays a wave sound towards the end of the tonic chords.Part IV a (6:27 - 7:35)The section is dominated by the synthesizer solo, playing in the scale of G minor. The solo is quite melodic with an organised and recognizable shape.Two electric guitars are contained in the section. One is playing 3rds which last for 1 beat on the 1st beat of every 2 bars. The tone is slightly distorted. The other is playing short fills with a clean tone on the...

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