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She was only 6 years old when her career began, starred in more than 50 Televison shows, 14 short films, and over 40 major motion pictures (, Shirley Jane Temple. Her life is one of the many interesting biographies to tell. Temple’s curly blonde ringlets and her “appealing lisp” ( brought in fans left and right. Shirley Temple was famous for phenomenal achievements that I now share with you. Temple and her fascinating acting, singing, and dancing skills led her to a very successful future.
Even though Shirley Jane Temple was a small celebrity; she made big progress. Temple became a big hit in 1934. Since she was the biggest box office attraction at ...view middle of the document...

In 1945 Temple married actor John Agar Jr. when she was only 17 years old ( January 30th 1948, Temple and Agar had a baby girl, Linda Susan Agar. A year after the baby girl was born Agar and Temple divorced ( 1950, a year later, Temple married Charles A Black (World Book Encyclopedia). While the couple was together they had two children. Shirley Temple had another daughter in 1954 named Lori black. About 4 years later she had a son. Temple’s son’s name was Charles Alden Black Jr. The couple stayed happily together.
After Temple retired, she went to public service ( She entered politics and became a U.S diplomat for the United Nations ( 1974 Gerald R. Ford named her the U.S Ambassador to Ghana (World Book Encyclopedia). So far Temple was doing pretty good in public service. Temple was chief protocol in the department of state; making her the very first woman to hold that post. In 1989 to 1992 she entered into another service role, but this time as Ambassador to Czechoslovakia. Shirley unsuccessfully ran for a congressional seat (
Like every other person in this world, Shirley Temple...

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