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Shocking! Immortality Discovered: New Scientific History Of Mankind Or Simply Challenging God?

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Humankind’s long desire to live an eternal life has been accomplished. After thirty years of denying their research on immortality, Japan’s National Institute of Genetics (NIG) surprised the world by announcing that they have found a way to implement immortality in humans. However, they have also announced that those who ‘deserve’ immortality will only be considered as possible subjects and immortality will not be an option for everyone. Humane societies all around the world are raged about NIG’s discovery on immortality and criticizes not only on the discovery, but also their attempt to mimic God.
NIG reported that they have found a way to regenerate body organs without going through surgical procedures. “It had been possible to grow organs separately since the late twentieth century. One could almost endlessly transplant an organ after another as they age and when they need to be replaced. My colleagues and I have found a way to regenerate organ tissues in the body, without going through surgical procedures,” said the NIG’s head researcher Akio Kawasaki. Researchers have been studying a variety of cold-blooded creatures, such as lizards, and frogs, that are able to regrow very complex body parts. NIG reported that they focused on the ability of the zebrafish to put back lost parts of its tail fin in a week using the caudal fin, which is one of the most convenient tissues to approach experimentally due to its accessibility, fast regeneration, and simple structure. After researching zebrafish, researchers came to a conclusion that humans, including mammals, still possess regenerative abilities hidden in their genes, as warm-blooded mammals evolved from cold-blooded creatures. Researchers uncovered some of the genes and cell-to-cell communication pathways to enable humans to regrow organ tissues. “The ability to regenerate body parts involves creating cells that can take any number of new roles. This is possible by re-programming cells that already have a given function or by activating resident stem cells,” said Kawasaki. Moreover, they have discovered a cell-to-cell signaling that tells cells what functions, such as regenerating, to undertake.
In addition to their discovery on regenerating organs, they have also found multiple ways to rejuvenate brain cells. First, they have created non-biological, electrical neurons that can replace real neurons; this neuron replacement could conceivably live for thousands of years. “We affirm that these neurons can last for at least three thousand years before needing further replacement,” said Kawasaki. “However, it will require a lot of funding to produce those electrical neurons.” Another way of rejuvenating brain cells is by transforming them into other cell types and reproducing indefinitely. Dr. Kawasaki revealed that they extracted mature human brain cells from epilepsy patients and coaxed them into other types of brain cells. The human cells also transformed into different types of brain tissue when...

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